Greg Weisman was at Denver Comic Con this past weekend and - hey, what do you know! - so was I. He spoke at a panel on the future of Star Wars and was really the only interesting part, surrounded by no-name bloggers and a Dark Horse guy who did nothing but bash the prequels and basically admit they had no idea what was going on (they didn't even know who any of the writers of the new films were going to be, despite that being one of the few actual confirmations).

Weisman said that he had only been working on the show for two weeks, evidently having been hired on Friday, May 17. They already knew it would be a show set between the trilogies when he was hired. I asked a question about George's involvement (since he's consulting on Episode VII and came up with the stories for TCW), and he said he hadn't met him at all in the two weeks he'd been working. But Weisman, Filoni, Kinberg, Pablo Hidalgo, and a few others have already come up with the stories for the first season and were going to be refining episodes four through seven this week. He confirmed that it will be CGI, not 2D animation. When someone (rudely) asked whether it would "screw over" the continuity like The Clone Wars did, Weisman said that it wouldn't go against anything from the films but also wouldn't be beholden to every single story that's ever come out, citing similar questions from his time on Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice. He also joked that Wedge Antilles would be the only character and that it would be entirely a monologue, so I'm surprised that hasn't spread online more.