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Thread: playskool sets

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    playskool sets

    i had no idea where i should put this so i decided here is best. i was just curious if anyone had any idea how much that falcon playskool set will be worth? its a pretty neat little set in my opinion
    thanks for any help in advance.

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    ... It will be $24.99 retail...

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    Looks well worth it too, I think it opens up in the back cause in a pic of it I saw from Toy Fair it had this small part lifted up on the side, hope it does.
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    Has anybody recieved the sets with the X-Wing and the Naboo Starfighter that were up on Action Figure Express and on ebay yet?

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    I can't seem to find a release date for these, though I'm sure that it's posted somewhere. Anyone know when they'll be in stores? Thanks.

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    I've heard that all but the falcon will be in the next couple monthes.coinside with AOTC stuff.The falcon is due early fall.
    Can't wait to get these for the kids!!
    My littlist is going to love these.
    Way to go Hasbro!!!
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    I think it's kind of funny that these are a big hit and the "Unleashed'' stuff is gonna tank bigtime.
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    That, my good man, is one of the truest, funniest things I've seen in a while.
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    Probably about 25$. but that is just an estimate.
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    I think this line is great. I just wish I could find them somewhere
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