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    Midnight Madness @ Your Local TRU?

    I have been getting a few e-mails asking if Toy's "R" Us is going to have their "midnight madness" sale like they did for Episode I. Well, some are and some are not. If your local Toy's "R" Us is opening at midnight to sell Episode II toys, I want to know. From there, I will compile a list and post it in our news section.

    All I want to know are the stores that ARE opening up at midnight.

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    I e-mailed Toys'R'Us today and here is the response I recived

    Thank you for contacting
    At this time we do not have any information regarding Midnight Madness for the Ocala, FL store. However, we do receive updates daily. We suggest that you contact us within the upcoming weeks.Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.
    So,In a few weeks I'll be able to tell if you if Midnight Madness is
    happenin in Ocala or not.
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    I got a b.s. response from the south side D.M. Ia TRU as well. "We don't know if we will or won't." I need a definite answer for cryin' out loud. I have kids to deposit somewhere if I'm gonna be out capturing toys at midnight and that requires advanced notice.....the more the better. This wishy washy crud is harshin' my gig man!
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    I'm trying to get an answer out of my local 24 hour Wal-Mart as to whether they will put out the merch at midnight. I'm pretty sure one of the two TRUs will do midnight madness, but Wal-Mart will be my first choice

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    I got the same wishy washy response over in Davenport JediClint. My thinking is screw your midnite madness then. I'll take my money to Wal-mart. Say good bye to $400 TRU.

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    I'm sure the Yakima, Wa store will probably be doing it, The manager there helped start the midnight openings last time.

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    Well, if the (somewhat farfetched) story over at is to be believed, Wally World is making a serious push to get collecting dollars on the 23rd.

    And to answer the question, Steve, I've not been able to find out anything definite from any of the TRU's in the San Bernardino/Riverside, CA area.
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    same old at the TRU in South portland Maine.They have no idea right now if it'll happen or not.Haven't decided yet.
    So instead of driving 76 miles one way I'll drive 12 and go hang out at the 24 hr Walmart and wait for them
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Wal Mart might have got hosed the last time Midnite Madness rolled around because they couldn't exclaim "We are opening our doors especially for you, Star Wars fans!" Everybody lined up at TRU even though Wal Mart was open anyway and probably had better prices. So they are rectifying the problem by showing the consumers that they too are open at midnite on that faithful night.

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    I talked to the manager at the Lynchburg, VA, TRU, and she said they don't know yet. She told me that it's a corporate decision as to which TRU's will do midnight madness, and they haven't been informed yet whether they will be one of the ones to do it.


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