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    Black Series 3 3/4 Wave 1

    Some hi-res images have hit the web today of Vader, Luke, Padme, and Biggs carded from wave 1 and I've got to say... meh. I'm no carded collector but JEEZ these look boring. The card is almost entirely black and the blisters look so empty! I know they're not packaging any fewer accessories than they did with the Vintage line, but the larger blister makes it look like you're getting a lot less toy.

    I'm also a little disappointed by the make-up of the wave as a whole. I know the line up was announced a long time ago (before being bumped into this new collection) but not a single one of the eight figures in this wave is a never before made character or costume. Sure, I think that Padme and the Clone pilot were good candidates for a resculpt, but this is the third time since 1995 we've gotten a pilot Biggs! A character with what, ten minutes of screen time?

    It's been so long since I bought any figures that it almost feels like I quit collecting and line ups like this don't really do much to rekindle my interest in the hobby.
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    The second wave is a little better - booster jets R2-D2, Pablo-Jill, Luminara Unduli, Mara Jade, black pauldron Sandtrooper, and Utapau Clone Trooper, from what it seems. Still, as you said, none of these figures offer anything in the way of newness aside from sculpt or paint.

    The card art, as seen on YodasNews, is indeed pretty boring. It's just a little too sparse. It looks better on Vader than it does on Padmé, and I like the character art, but overall it is very underwhelming. It seems that the cards are actually going to be skinnier and taller than TVC cards, so it might look better than it seems. As always, my opinion will be most influenced by how they actually look in person and on the shelf, but it doesn't look very thrilling so far.

    They really don't need to pack Biggs at two per case in addition to carrying him forward in wave two. I understand them wanting to update him to be in line with the other pilots (thankfully they didn't stick him on Luke's body), and wanting him to be available at the same time as his X-wing, but it's a little overkill. I'm not sure how well Anakin will sell either - there hasn't been a single-carded AOTC Jedi version since a repack in 2010, but that run was very low, and we've seen ROTS and/or TCW Anakins nonstop since 2005 (and the peasant disguise version from 2011). Having Vader and the Biker Scout at two per case is probably a good idea, though.

    Also, Padmé's right elbow joint has the same mismatched color syndrome that's been affecting figures lately. It doesn't look like any of the other three figures have any such issues, but to have it on a flesh part just looks poor.

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    These are really, REALLY bad cards. The wide expanse of empty bubble plus a ton of empty top card space, it's an eyesore. I think the idea was to look "premium", "classy", but these miss every single mark there. I know they scrambled to put this line together, but this should not have passed muster. They should call this line "The Bleak Series", cards that look like cheap knockoffs with no sense of how to design anything, the best part of the packaged look here, figures and all, is seeing the bubble sports a recycling number.

    I was already pretty turned off by the assortment of characters included here, but those cards really put it over the top of "stuff I definitely don't want to spend $10 on."

    The only figure that looks like a total improvement is Biggs, and he's barely in the film, I am highly doubtful I'll be buying him after already owning the previous versions.

    Padme looks ok minus that stupid STUPID white pvc elbow insert - and you know why it's so stupid? BECAUSE THE HANDS ARE ALREADY SHOT IN PVC AS WELL AND THEY'RE FLESH COLOR!!! So this comes off as just "it's too difficult to explain to the factory people that these are 2 different inserts, flesh right vs white left." And the face paint still misses the mark, undoing the work of the sculpt.

    Luke looks unrecognizable, the face is too wide and the nose too high.

    And Vader appears to be the same Evolutions Vader again with swappable hands, it's a cute idea but not worth $10 to me.

    What a mess.
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    That Luke looks like someone. I can't place it. It's not Mark Hamill, though.

    When I can figure out who it is that he looks like, I'll start calling that figure that.

    That first wave is really quite boring. I have a bad feeling about the later waves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    That Luke looks like someone. I can't place it. It's not Mark Hamill, though.
    Maybe a little Owen Wilson...
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    That Luke looks like someone. I can't place it. It's not Mark Hamill, though.

    When I can figure out who it is that he looks like, I'll start calling that figure that.
    He kind of looks like John Denver, no?

    Here's a shot of the back of some of the cards. I find it very interesting that the packaging doesn't refer to or have images of any other products - which, with the exception of some exclusives, seems to be a first in the line's history, and certainly a first for basic figures. It would be easy to think that they did this so as not to put figures on there that end up being cancelled, but they've typically not gone beyond the waves that are already currently available, so that shouldn't really be an issue. I think it really is just to highlight the individual character.

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    JediTempleArchives posted some loose shots of the wave from someone who bought them already in Hong Kong. Most of them are looking better and more interesting than the images we've seen so far, thankfully. Anakin's head isn't great but I'm glad to see that he has ball-jointed hips and ankles. Padmé's face looks much better here as well.

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    I just picked up six of these figures at Target. There was another collector who was getting the Luke and Clone Sergeant, and someone else had evidently gotten the other Vader.

    My first impression is that the figures themselves look pretty great. The packaging is still plain in person, though it actually works well and doesn't look as empty as I thought it would. The plastic of the bubble feels like a different, thinner material than previous lines, though it does have raised detail shaped like the orange Bespin-style design. The card itself is about 4.5" wide and 9" tall, so it is thinner than previous cards.

    I'm not sure when I'll be able to open but I'll write more then.

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    Padme is the only one I'm interested in. The others I either have plenty of already, or they just don't look very good.

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    I bought Padme from Target. If you sign up for Target's Cartwheel mobile phone coupon system, you can save 5% on your black series purchases.


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