Some hi-res images have hit the web today of Vader, Luke, Padme, and Biggs carded from wave 1 and I've got to say... meh. I'm no carded collector but JEEZ these look boring. The card is almost entirely black and the blisters look so empty! I know they're not packaging any fewer accessories than they did with the Vintage line, but the larger blister makes it look like you're getting a lot less toy.

I'm also a little disappointed by the make-up of the wave as a whole. I know the line up was announced a long time ago (before being bumped into this new collection) but not a single one of the eight figures in this wave is a never before made character or costume. Sure, I think that Padme and the Clone pilot were good candidates for a resculpt, but this is the third time since 1995 we've gotten a pilot Biggs! A character with what, ten minutes of screen time?

It's been so long since I bought any figures that it almost feels like I quit collecting and line ups like this don't really do much to rekindle my interest in the hobby.