Sideshow posted a preview of 4 new 12" Clone Troopers in a "deluxe" line:

Ignore the "pre-order's" misuse of the apostrophe. Also, I don't think the lights shown in the images are anything other than photoshopped, none of the elements with lights in the preview are big enough to have batteries.

But don't ignore the contest form to win all 4.

These look like the most recent regular clone trooper bodysuit and armor we already have, but with more accessories.

The Deluxe 501st trooper has a very small thermal detonator, like ITTY BITTY small, and a new backpack. The paint is very weathered, although I don't know if that's just prototype-itis or if that's the intent.

The Deluxe Veteran trooper has the same backpack, and a horribly underscaled Z-6 rotary blaster, like half-scale or at best 2/3rds. The Z-6 in the image doesn't look like it can rotate, you can see a mold line running down the length of the body, and the whole thing is molded to the top sight. The trooper is also very weathered and has larger scuffs as well.

The Deluxe Shiny trooper appears identical to the Veteran figure, except no weathering or scuffs, all white. Same accessories.

The Deluxe 212th trooper doesn't show any accessories beyond its standard DC-15a rifle, and the paint has similar heavy weathering to the 501st guy.

So, what do you think, is it a welcome update or a questionable cash grab? Are you thinking of buying any of them, or do you already have them, or can you not afford deluxe 1/6th figures?