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    Thumbs up Star Wars - The Black Series 6" Rumor List!!

    Saw this over at TNI's website. A lot of good stuff coming.

    - Star Wars Episode 3 Anakin Skywalker 6" Action Figure UPC:653569897828
    - Star Wars Episode 3 Obi Wan Kenobi 6" Action Figure UPC:653569898245
    - Star Wars Episode 4 Greedo 6" Action Figure UPC:653569898269
    - Star Wars Episode 5 Luke Bespin 6" Action Figure UPC:653569898252
    - Star Wars Boba Fett 6" Action Figure UPC:653569897811
    - Star Wars Slave Leia 6" Action Figure UPC:653569897804
    - Star Wars Episode 4 Han Solo 6" Action Figure UPC:653569897835
    - Star Wars Episode 4 Stormtrooper 6" Action Figure UPC:653569898238

    Pretty good listing overall. I'll do a longer opinion breakdown later.

    But I am disappointed by no C-3PO to go with R2-D2. And Slave Leia instead of a better version.

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    Boba and the Stormtrooper are obvious choices - Boba's already coming at SDCC, and the Stormtrooper can share some parts with the Sandtrooper. I'm surprised that there's still no Vader. I'll reserve judgment on any of these until pictures surface.
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    I have a feeling that for large characters like Vader and Chewbacca they'll do separate release. Like back in the days of the 12" Figures... how they had that 14" Deluxe Darth Vader w/ Removable Helmet as a standalone product. I bet we see it this year even.... as a tie-in to the 30th Anniversary of RotJ.

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    I'm pretty excited about Greedo, Han Solo and especially the Stormtrooper. In fact, I might hold off on buying the Sandtrooper until I see how the Stormtroopers turn out.

    I'm really hope they nail the Harrison Ford likeness on the Han Solo figure. I'm pretty forgiving of that in the 3.75" line, but for a $20 6" figure, the likeness better be amazing for me to spend the money. Same with Greedo.

    Slave Leia seems like an obvious choice. That's arguably the second most iconic Leia outfit. Sure, the ANH version would be nice, but honestly, her original outfit is so plain looking I'm not even sure if I would buy it in this scale. I'm pretty sure that I'll pick up a Slave Leia, though.

    Anakin and Obi-Wan are definite passes for me. Which is fine, I'm actually glad they decided to go with two Prequel figures that I have zero interest in. If they had started with Clonetroopers right off the bat, then I might have had some trouble saying no.

    Bespin Luke could be amazing and I'm sure Boba Fett will look exactly like his SDCC counterpart.
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    I have a feeling that the Boba Fett will actually be retooled and repainted as RotJ Fett.

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    I wasn't intending to collect this line, but I'm definitely down for a Greedo. And I might get sucked into buying Han to go with him, if it's a good sculpt.... and then I might get Bespin Luke if a Yoda is announced to follow soon... and so it starts........
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    2014 six inch black series rumors

    Lando ( Outfit not specified but I hope its Cloud City )
    Jango Fett
    Mace Windu

    Of course we're still going to see Luke Cloud City and Obi Wan Revenge of the Sith, plus the stormtrooper and Anakin Revenge of the Sith.

    I heard this on the sideshow message boards from someone that seemed to be in the know.

    Luke Jedi Knight and C3PO are also possible. Chewbacca is rumored too.

    And I'm sure they'll do Darth Vader.
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    Yeah.. much of that was reported months ago. And accidentally leaked due to Hasbro.

    6" Black Series Jabba The Hut
    6" Black Series Speederbike
    6" Black Series E4 Chewbacca
    6" Black Series E4 Tie Fighter Pilot
    6" Black Series E5 C-3PO
    6" Black Series E5 Darth Vader
    6" Black Series E6 Luke Jedi
    6" Black Series E2 CloneTrooper
    6" Black Series Jawas

    The others you mentioned were rumored months ago by "Stan" on Scum's forums....

    Apperantly this "Stan" supposedly works for Hasbro. And is very good with reliable info.

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    Then Stan must be from the Rhode Island province, "Case Packing-Stan."

    I couldn't resist.

    I've only bought the majority of what's been released for BobaFrett. My gift to him. He's getting the Mos Eisley cantina themed characters and I'm going "Special Edition" with it so he gets Boba Fett if I could only find him for Barry.

    That being said, I'm getting a select few to go with my Unleashed.

    From the offerings, I got myself a Sandtrooper (to go with Tusken Unleashed) and I'm nicely impressed.

    I'm going to be getting:

    Luke Bespin - to go with Cloud City Vader Unleashed

    Obi-Wan ROTS - to go with General Grievous Unleashed

    E6 Luke Jedi to go with Slave Leia Unleashed (I'm never buying the 6" Slave Leia figure with way too much articulation showing)

    Lando (if Bespin)

    are all possibilities for me. Maybe I'll have to get myself a Boba Fett and hope they make a Bespin Han and red Bespin Gown Leia.

    I'm thinking of doing that "We would be honored if you joined us" scene in 6".

    IMO, Cloud City is a very underserved or underrated environment of the OT, overshadowed by Jabba's and the cantina.

    I think maybe this scale has a little potential for me after all.

    I also hope for some 6" Jabba goons, but I won't be getting the 6" Jabba the Hutt. I have two (2) SideShow giant Jabbas and that's enough!

    I just want to display a mini-sailbarge fight scene around the Unleashed Slave Leia (so I don't even need Boba Fett for that one).

    With repacks of older figures, you've got to figure on Hasbro re-shipping Boba Fett.


    Luke X-Wing
    Slave Leia


    Darth Maul (maybe)
    Han Solo (already being re-released and probably shelf-warming soon)
    Boba Fett

    In fact, a repack case of these (if Han weren't coming with Obi-Wan, Stormy, and Luke Bespin already) would work for this line.

    The TIE Fighter Pilot (unless it's a removeable helmet Jagged Fel or Baron Soontir Fel) doesn't do anything for me. While kind of a black stormtrooper (or shadow trooper) in a similar design vein, it might be the worst choice of a figure for this line yet (assuming they could have not super-articulated Slave Leia).

    But watch Hasbro re-use the Leia body for an Oola repaint or something.
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    The big rumor is that six more people will find Boba Fett in 2014.
    Tommy, close your eyes.


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