So, we're just breaking through one of Hasbro's darkest times in the modern era, and collecting in general has been pretty weak, not only Hasbro Star Wars, but pretty much every major brand.

With Comic-Con coming up, it got me thinking about what types of things I'll be looking for there, and what I'm looking forward to delving into collecting in general for 2013, part 2; so I figured I'd ask the same question of you guys.

My collecting will start with Transformers, which has been in a massive slump, very little offerings the past 6 months, and I'm hoping the Generations line can kick into higher gear for the next 6. Metroplex is at the forefront of that collecting focus, followed by the comics pack deluxes.

I'll also be continuing with Transformers: Robots in Disguise and More than Meets the Eye comic book series from IDW.

Hasbro Star Wars I guess will get back on board, and in theory I'll be back with it. I'm not loving what I'm seeing from the 3.75" line so far though, and Saga Legends doesn't have much at first that I want, although there are a few pieces that have caught my eye on a Kenner-style appeal, and Jango looks really good as a statue. I'm really not feeling the look of the 6" SDCC exclusive Boba Fett figure itself, it just looks like an upscaled 3.75" figure and the shoulder armor work is WORSE than any previous going back to 1979.

I think Koto's ArtFX+ Star Wars pieces will get focus coming up. I know the newer Koto's ice cube silicone SW pieces will be in my collection, and maybe as some gifts for friends as well.

Diamond Select Toys' Star Trek starships will be on my docket, definitely looking forward to the Klingon Bird of Prey and the Excelsior.

I can't think of anything else that's really getting my attention.

So what's your collecting future look like?