I'll give Deen credit where it's due. I'm not going to stop using some of her recipes. They aren't good for you, but, dammit, Southern food isn't supposed to be! (And that's the kind of food that's driven several members of my extended family to their grave, so, although I don't want to overindulge, I've been exposed to it from an early age and love it.)

The craziest irony about the saturation of a few main G.I.Joe characters is that there are STILL vintage figures of these characters that have not been updated. I'd buy red-mask Cobra Commander, tan camo Duke, or Ninja Force Snake Eyes in a heartbeat. And that's not counting different variations they could make, like Renegades Baroness (with the red armor), unmasked Snake Eyes, Krake as Cobra Commander II from the IDW comics, green armor Firefly, movie-accurate Retaliation Cobra Commander, etc. I think a lot of others would buy these without groaning about another stinkin' Cobra Commander, too. But we still get the same old black Snake Eyes, silver-mask Cobra Commander, catsuit Baroness, etc. Heck, if they insist on making Snake Eyes, and they've already done updates of some Brazil-only characters who were repaints (Glenda as pilot Scarlett, Ninja-Ku Storm Shadow), why not slap red and silver paint on a new Snake Eyes and call him Invasor Snake Eyes. Kids would think he's a cool new Snake Eyes, grownups would know he's an Invasor.