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    Articulation on Clonetroopers

    I only saw the red trimmed clone clonetrooper today,and I was wondering how that figure plus the 'dirty" clonetrooper are articulated compared to the newer released articulated stormtrooper.
    Just wondering.....

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    The red trimmed clonetrooper shown at Toyfair ha knees but other than that just standard articulation.

    I thought he had ball jointed shoulders like the commtech stormie but on looking again at several shots he's just got the standard. His ankles are fixed in a movement pose like his legs are bent and his head is just the normal swivel joint. There doesn't appear to be any bicep cut jointing or wrist joints of any description. A strange pose if ever there was one but he seems to pack with a large gun so he's only posed the way the deluxe POTF2 snowtrooper was but with knees so he can fit the republic gunship cockpit.

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    Well, compared to the CTC Trooper, it's like the difference between the earlier stormies, they're not all that articulated, the Preview Clone Trooper seems to have just basic articulation but the Red one appears to have a couple or so points extra.
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    Sneak Peak Clonetrooper has 5 points of articulation. He will look great for scenes and with other Clones, but he doesn't have any ball-socket joints or waist articulation though. The 'dirty' look he has is pretty good. I wonder if Hasbro is making 'clean' Clones.
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    Yeah, I noticed that the day after I opened mine (the fact that there is only 5 points of articulation on the Clone Trooper). I was kinda peeved that it didn't have any waist movement.
    I hope at some point they'll release a Clone Trooper, similar to the CT Stormtrooper, with having many more points of movement.

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    I hope so too, who doesn't like CT Stormtrooper? It would seem a smart move on Hasbro's part, which means they probably won't do it!
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    Can't stand it!!!

    Due to the "squattish" pose of this figure... you will never be able to get these guys to look impressive in some sort of "at attention" formation... Oh, well.
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    Seeing as how cheap Hasbro really is they probably put a lot of rubber in their molds, so you should be able to boil the figs and bend their chubby legs.

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    I think I'll use about 30 of these guys (the preview Clone Troopers) and wait for resculpts, and the commander and security personnel figures for later (making ranks marching or standing at attention).

    I think the clean CloneTrooper, will have more articulation (waist at least) and be in less of an action pose so you can stand them at attention if you want to. I don't know anything. The decision would just seem to make sense.

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    Tycho, Tycho, Tycho...

    Did you NOT hear me? They don't stand at attention... If you have them all standing together in rows... they look like they are getting ready to run the Boston Marathon. The DO sit really well, though... especially if you have a lot of those "Yoda Jedi Council Chairs"...

    I haven't heard thing one about a "clean" Clone Trooper... where did you read this piece of startling news?
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