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And I have to disagree about your "psycho version of Supes" statement. He pleaded with, begged Zod to stop the heat vision blasts. Trying to look for the good in Zod as his parents would have wanted him to. Since he had never encountered Kryptonians before, there's no real way he could've known he might actually harm Zod. I saw that more as an act of desperation. Of wanting so much to not see those innocent people perish, he was willing to do something which pained him very much.

Just as I said earlier, that's the world depicted in this film. Even victories come with a measure of defeat.

I think a lot of the discussion thus far can be boiled down to whether you are more intrigued by Superman the ideal or Superman the person. Since the film emphasizes the journey of Clark towards ideals, embracing itself with detours and dilemmas, this may not be a Superman for everyone but still compelling, IMO.
I agree. I would never consider a soldier who is forced to take a life on the battlefield or a police officer who is forced to shoot an armed criminal as "psychos" and I strongly disagree that that label applies to this latest version of Superman. Snapping Zod's neck was the moral thing to do in that specific situation. If Superman had somehow allowed Zod to live after all the death he had caused, then I think the movie would have lost all of it's credibility with me.