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    Big Brother 2013

    An interesting twist on the game!

    It starts next week! Yea!!!!

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    And the cast!

    One of the ladies is related to Rachel. A sister. Yes, sister.

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    It's gonna be an interesting summer!

    Thought it was hilarious that some of the HGs didn't believe McCrae was a pizza delivery guy. He does have that eccentric computer software genius look about him.

    And Jessie. I'd hate having the tagline of 'unemployed' all summer.

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    From what I've been reading on the net, there's been a lot of racist and homophobic comments being uttered in the house this summer...from the ladies!! Read just a bit ago that GinaMarie now has no job because of comments, and Aaryn the blonde hottie is saying a lot of stuff on the live feeds. She has an axe to grind with Elissa, former winner Rachel's sister. Elissa hasn't openly revealed her sisterly connection, but most of the HGs have figured it out. High and mighty Aaryn thinks Elissa is conniving because she hasn't revealed it. I call it game play.

    It's an interesting mix of folks this year. David is definitely the dumb surfer dude. Andy is Modern Family's Mitchell's twin.

    As always, there's been some HGs who've barely gotten any camera time.

    Tonight's vote should be interesting.

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    Can't say I'm sorry to see David gone. He was a physical threat, but the guy's dumber than a box of rocks. Loved the stunned look on his face. He's probably already surfin' some tasty waves.

    Loved the look on Aaryn's face at David's eviction even better! Being called the biggest b@#$% in the house! Wow!

    The BBQ sauce into the jug may take some time. BB's done this type of challenge before but not this early in the season.

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    Glad CBS aired some of the racist comments Sunday nite. The court of public opinion will be rough on Aaryn when she's out of the house.

    I'm doing this for David, I'm doing that for David. David was dumber than a box of rocks, sweetie. And you're not much smarter.

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    If we don't see a better blindside than last night's all summer, I'm good with that. Nick didn't see it. Gotta love the shocked looks on faces.

    As for Aaryn being told of the racist comments she's been making, jus goes to show that she's immature, clueless, spoiled...(insert favorite or appropriate adjective) girl in America.

    The Mom Squad. I like that.

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    I just want to fly to Hollywood, knock on the BB door and slap the crap out of Aaryn. Clueless little girl. Nuff said.

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    After so many seasons, I've finally caught some of the After Dark eps. Glad I never had to pay money for it. Still, interesting to watch. I've only watched after Thursday's live shows, so I wouldn't catch any spoilers.

    Won't miss Jeremy. He claims not to be homophobic, racist or anything, but he sure is clueless and FOS.

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    Interesting weeks on BB. Aaryn is still an airhead, and I think a lot of the HGs will kiss her heiney to save themselves and then turn on her as soon as she's not in power.

    Then again, at this stage of the game, you might want to keep her round to the end. No one likes her; she's the most despised blonde in America. That could help someone else's chances at the finale.


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