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    We're at the halfway mark of the summer, and it's been interesting. The male HGs are dwindling and picked off one by one, the female HGs are conniving. Howard wasn't the smartest player (what' with talking in riddles? You're not Yoda!) but he was a strong player.

    Love how the America's Vote is screwing with their heads.

    We're really needing a good old-fashioned endurance HOH. Not this piddily 1-hour HOH that GM won. A good one that lasts all night.

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    Not surprised to see Candice go but Judd was a surprise. Don't know if there's more to it that or what. I've been avoiding After Dark so I can be spoiler-free.

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    Nice to see Jessie stir the pot before going out the door.

    Two women are running the house, but Helen could easily go this next week. If she and Elissa were smart, they'd pull in Spencer. As the season progresses, Amanda is becoming more unlikeable.

    At this point, I can't say who deserves to win. Who's played the best game? Helen and Amanda but it's gonna be hard for them to get to the finals. Too many obstacles in the way.

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    Had family in town and didn't get a chance to watch Sunday's ep until yesterday.

    I'm gonna miss Helen and her game play. She used her politicial consulting skills to their fullest extent by propping HGs up positively when they needed it the most, and manuevering to get the nominations in her favor. I hope she wins America's favorite HG, if that's an option this year.

    Elissa made some bold moves. Too bad it didn't work out as intended. I think Andy's gone, but that's not too bad. He's a floater, afraid to make big moves.

    Amanda's just plain nuts. She's been queen bee for so long and now she's not. My opinion of her has really changed.

    These reality shows get real enjoyable at this stage. The so-called alliances start to turn on each other. At this stage, I'd prefer to see Elissa or Judd win it all. The remaining HGs have burned too many bridges and shown their true colors and really don't have a chance of winning. Spencer's a trooper: 6 times on the block and still in the house.

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    I'm glad Aaryn was evicted, and really glad the Cheninator threw the heavy questions at her.

    Now that McCranda's on the block, it will be interesting to see if Amanda continues to dig herself a bigger hole. She can't keep playing (but will) the bad girl and victim cards. Cue the tears when she needs them. The act is up, kid. This is the best chance the house has of sending you home.

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    Looks like Amanda is going out the door, and I couldn't be happier. I really liked her at the beginning of the season, but she's turned into a really hateful/spiteful person. Her true colors? She plays the Jeckyl and Hyde card a lot. But GinaMarie was right in nominating her and McCrae at the same time.

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    Wasn't surprised to see Amanda or Elissa go last week. Amanda needed to go. Elissa might have lasted one more week before she was evicted.

    And six women in the jury house! Talk about cat fights! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    The show's been fast-paced these last few eps. Judd gone, someone else going tonight and the final 3 announced. If he can survive, it wouldn't bother me to see McCrae win. Or Spencer. But Andy? No way. He doesn't deserve it.

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    McCrae is gone.

    The jury house was catty! Amanda can't let it go, can she? Aaryn's apology was half-hearted. I think she realized how bad of a position she's placed herself in but it's only gonna get worse out in the real world.

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    Ah, the required look-back episode aired. Have to admit I really enjoyed the crying segment the most. Pretty funny.

    Really want to see the jury tear into Andy.

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    Not thrilled the wishy-washy Andy won. But glad that the jury knew how he worked them over with various deals, etc...

    Thought it was interesting that some of the HGs didn't have a chance to speak, or weren't allowed to speak. Would've liked to have heard surfer dude David say how he spent his summer. Tasty waves.

    Another summer wasted.


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