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    Not a convention, but... Magic of the Myth exhibit...

    Hey there all Ohio, Michigan and Ontario STAR WARS fans!

    I went to the Toledo Museum of Art this past Saturday to see the Magic of the Myth exhibit and I have to say it is a "must see" for any true fan. To see what kind of work goes into these production models is truly something to behold. I had a little pocket flashlight and was able to shine it into the cockpits of the T.I.E. Fighters and it is amazing to see the detail in these little buggers! I was also able to check out the interior of Darth Vader's faceplate. Several other fans were appreciative of the whole flashlight thing... it was nice to do a little exploring.

    The whole affair did nothing to "ruin" the magic of these films, but allow me to experience the whole movie making process on another level. The meticulous work that has gone into preparing the costumes is incredible. There is so much that seems "changed" on screen. We miss out on so many of the little details and texutres on the pieces. One really develops an appreciation of why the designers chose certain styles and whatnot to acheive the look of the finished product. AMAZING!

    Big bonus... Sir Steve, from what I understood, will be appearing there later in the exhibit's run. Wish I lived closer so I could check his appearance out as well.

    DON'T MISS THIS!!! If it is scheduled to stop in your area- YOU MUST GO!!!!
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    I have attended the Star Wars Magic of Myth exibit myself (during its previous stop in Houston, Texas) and must concur with JEDIpartnr on this one. You have not had the full Star Wars experience until you have seen this exibit and been mere inches from a 15' Star Destroyer, a 6' Millenium Falcon, several fighter craft, Boba Fett, Han Solo, Princess Leia (ANH), and Darth Vader's actual costumes, an actual full scale Speeder Bike, the actual Worrt (Rock Creature) puppet, and many other props, costumes, and models. I wish I had thought to bring a pocket flashlight myself! One thing that struck me was the presence of decals obviously from airplane and similar model kits right on the surface of the Millenium Falcon's hull! You'd never see them on film except as tiny bits of color on the white surface, but it is kind of funny to see labels in English of various kinds right there. Some of my personal favorites were Boba Fett's costume, the Probe Droid model, the SE Wampa, and Vader's helmet. If you have ever seen the Riddell mini-helmet, a three piece 1/3 scale minature of Vader's helmet, you will really appreciate the craftsmanship of this collectable when you see the real thing. Riddell matched every detail of the interior, in miniature, with remarkable detail. If you love Darth Vader I would recommend you seek out one of these helmets which used to retail for over $100.00 but which you can now find on eBay for as little as $15.00 plus shipping from some sellers (if no one outbids you!).

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    I went to it when it was in Minneapolis a couple of years ago and I was impressed with all the stuff they had. I didn't think they were going to have any episode 1 stuff there.

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    I got my pics from the exhibit back! Will e-mail a ZIP file to anyone who is interested. E-mail me using the link in my profile!
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    My God, I never thought to peer in side the ships! What a fool! LOL

    I saw the exhibit in San Diego. My pix are on my site, which I'm currently working to redesign and update. I've got quite a few SW Celebration photos, too.

    Anyone else?

    BTW, the Smithsonian has a Web walk-through of the original exhibit on their site. It's narrated by James Earl Jones!
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