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The one on the right in JT's comparison photo was repainted as the OTC version. Seriously, the new one is huge - what is it going to take to convince you?
Thanks, good point.

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Well I'm just gonna have to order this monster Slave I. Thanks a lot guys, I just ordered the Kotobukiya 10 inch Darth Vader and Boba Fett (ESB versions) now the Salve I will wipe out my budget for a week or two. Perhaps I shouldn't have bought 7 of those new 6 inch Black Series figures.

BTW, Amazon has them back up for sale on their site, if they have any left in a week or two I may order another (one MIMB and one to open). Good thing we're not on RS, or I'd get flamed for daring to consider ordering 2.
Well, at least you're getting good stuff. Koto ArtFX+ are 1:10th scale though, not a strict 10" (Vader would probably be 10", Fett 8"), those pieces both looked very tempting when I saw them.

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So, size wise, if I were to make a list...

AOTC Class II (2013) = Small
Vintage/SOTE/POTF2 = Medium
AOTC "Saga" OTC = Large
TCW/AOTC Rise of Boba/Amazon = Super Sized

I was fairly sure my OTC version was bigger than my POTF2/SOTE versions. That's probably where I was confused.

Though I still maintain that the original $100 was too steep, $75 is easier to swallow. I say $75 because Amazon charged sales tax. Maybe I'll feel differently when this monster arrives, I just hope it doesn't dwarf my Millenium Falcon.
Yeah, looks right, although I wouldn't actually say the Saga/OTC one is any larger than the Vintage/SOTE version. http://www.rebelscum.com/photo.asp?i...lave1_comp.jpg

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Got mine today. Sadly. It was from AZ, but it shipped only in the white mailer box and, as a result, arrived with dinged corners and a has two dented piercings which went through the the white cardboard and through the interior box. I'm not sure how to proceed. It's not as bad as many of the photos I've seen, but I don't want to accept substandard quality for the price I paid. I also don't want to have to ship it back to them in this condition, where the post office will likely say that they won't accept a package in that state as shippable. I'm also concerned that Amazon might consider my complaints to be fraudulent since I am sure they've received tons of the false claims looking for refunds. Any suggestions?
Sorry to hear that. How bad are we talking about with dings?