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    The Big Star Wars #6 Spoiler


    I clicked an article, expecting from the teaser to learn about the triumphant return of Mara Jade (or maybe Lumiya, or Bria Tharen) to the post-Disney EnU. I was more than kind of shocked to learn the "mystery lady" is Han Solo's ex-wife.

    What. The. Poodoo?

    I'm not even sure what to think. It's dumb, it doesn't fit the character, and there's no way to deal with this development without summoning cliches thought dead a generation ago.

    I was planning to order all the new Star Wars comics when they're collected (I've mentioned before how the remaining local comic shops are extremely unreliable, and most places' shipping costs are prohibitive for only ordering a few titles). Between this and "Shatterpoint happened, but Depa got better a week later," I'm really not sure I want to spend money on them.
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    Truly bizarre, the ad program made "Bria Tharen" into a link to Barnes and Noble's website... which said there were no results. Oooooooookay.
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    Think of scenarios where "Sorry for the mess," "Over my dead body," "She's fast enough for you," "You mean you've never heard of...?" or whether Han shot first would fit.

    Ouch. Even for bad storylines, that's bad. Don-Wan Kihotay thinks that's a stretch.
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    Either they end up undoing this saying she's a crazy stalker person, or they own this and hemorrhage their audience fast. This really doesn't fit Han's character at all under any guise, not even the "crashed on an alien planet and had to marry the chief's daughter to get the parts I needed to leave" type of writing.
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    Han's wife is Foxy Brown. What's the big deal?

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    Remember when this was a "thing"?

    They got "married" as part of a ruse, she left the series, everyone moved on and forgot about it.
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    I had this crazy feeling that might be the case. (Unfortunately the paperback ends before her story is resolved.)
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