The majority of the 2013 Comic-Con schedule is online.






Preview night WB programming is a pass for me.

Thursday noon is the Hasbro Transformers panel, once again in the 400-seater known as 25ABC. Also among the tempting panels is The X-Files 20th anniversary panel, John Barrowman (Doctor Who, Arrow) gets his own "anything goes" panel, and Ashley "Ahsoka Tano" Eckstein is on a panel with Erin "Col. Wilma Deering" Gray that day as well.

Friday is again not mentioned as "Star Wars day", but is running programming of course. The day thankfully does NOT start with Hasbro SW but comics, followed by the SW collectibles - which is counter-programming a panel I'd like to see, the first real hard choice of the con. SW Authors follows, I dunno if I'll stick for that, but it looks like I've now got a second counter-program if I do SW collectibles at the tail end, ouch. 1pm is the Hasbro SW panel, so I may just have to bear it out in the room. AND DAMNIT IF THAT ISN'T COUNTER-PROGRAMMED BY ANOTHER HASBRO PANEL I WANTED TO SEE!!! Yes, Hasbro SW is counter-programmed against Hasbro IDW Transformers/GI Joe comics, this panel is the one we ditched at Botcon because we wanted lunch and were sure we'd see it at SDCC, damn you, Murphy's Law! Friday just keeps getting brutal like that. And then, after some more panels, METALLICA HAS A PANEL! Wow, Metallica has a panel, that's awesome, Hall H though, that'll be... interesting. Sorry Drew Struzan, I'd like to check out your panel, but you didn't record Ride the Lightning. Oh, but I forgot, I've also got to meet some friends that evening, this oughta be as challenging as ever.

Saturday for me would start with Quick-Draw if it were not for the extended line I'll be waiting in for Futurama. Someone has a SW vs Serenity panel that seems... ok, it seems stupid and it didn't even get "Firefly" right in the title, but who knows. A lot of really good comic creator spotlights this day too - George Perez, Paul Dini, JMS... LEONARD MALTIN?!? Wow, why is a movie critic getting a spotlight? Saints Row 4 panel, not sure whether to attend or picket. Looks like the latter half of the day is where panels start to get busy again for me.

Sunday has Cartoon Voices 2, maybe Maurice LaMarche will put his foot in his mouth again like he did at last year's Wondercon, but at the same time has the Doctor Who 50th panel followed by Community and It's Always Sunny, so that's what I'll be doing. Ugh, but Diamond Select Toys is having a panel during It's Always Sunny, so I might duck out for that - naturally it's on the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE CONVENTION CENTER. Looks like I'll be missing the first part of Starship Smackdown this year, but I'll make it before close.