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    Question What do you think about pop-up ads?

    I am not talking about the ones that hit you on every page. Just like how certain sites use 1 pop-up PER DAY on just the home page or just the news page? I'd like your feedback on this.
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    i'll be Happy to tell you exActly how i feel aboot popups. . .

    . . .just as soon as i can find the "VomiT" emoticon

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    I wouldn't like something that pops up on every page (if I'm being a bad boy and going online at work and shrink the window as soon as clicking on a link, the pop-up brings both windows to the top, which is rather difficult to hide). One a day, though, wouldn't be too bad.
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    if we must......we must

    obviously it would be better not to have em at all.......but we understand you got's bills to pay etc, etc,......
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    Honestly, they are extremely annoying. BUT, sometimes it is needed, and understood. I only ask that there not be one on every page. If it only occurs at the homepage then its not that big of a deal.
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    As evenflow said, annoying but understandable.

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    I agree, one pop-up on the homepage wouldn't be so bad. A little one

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    I really dislike pop-ups, but as long as you can just click on it to close without another one opening I can get past it. I'd rather deal with that than have to pay to access SSG.
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    Question What about?

    What about a pop-UNDER (goes BEHIND your current window) and have it set to just once per session (meaning if you close it and come back later that day, assuming your computer has not been restarted, it does not appear again)?

    If everyone would continue to support our advertisers (by clicking them), it would greatly be appreciated!

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    Thumbs up

    I can get behind the pop-up. You know what is strange? I would have tolerated it either way, but the simple act of asking our opinion will keep it from even annoying me. That is appreciated.

    P.S. - Shouldn't this be in the poll section?
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