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Thread: LOTR figures

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    The new 2-Packs have hit my TRU. But not the individual figures. I want my Agent Elrond figure!
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    So with assortment 4, we will get our 3rd ringwraith, are we leading up to all of the 9 mortal kings doomed to die? so we will have, WitchKing, Twilight, and Normal with the horse, so what are the others named?
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    The Twilight Witchking is just another version of the Witchking. Its a figure of the version of the Ringwraith that Frodo sees when he puts on the Ring.
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    cool! The figure assortments keep getting better and better!
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    Alright kids, listen up!

    2-packs Series 2 are out, as well as Assortment 3 of the regular figures. Go get them now! They are leaps and bounds (for the most part) better than the older stuff.

    2-Packs are Gimli/Uruk-Hai, and Frodo/Sam with Boat.
    Basic Figs are: Aarogorn, Elrond, Bilbo, and Orc Warrior.

    Mini Review Aarogorn:

    Well, what can I say about this figure, other than "Outstanding!" He comes with Sword, Bow, Arrows, Bed roll, quiver, pack, and arrows. When he's wearing all of it, he looks like he does in the movie.

    Articulation; Ball jointed Head, ball jointed shoulders, upper bicep, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees, ankles. Perfect

    Scultp; Overall good. The one complaint is that the face doesn't look like Mortenssen as much as the Strider figure did, but it looks more like a real person. The rest of the body is perfect. Looks exactly like him.

    Playability; This figure has a "bow firing" gimmick similar to the Lurtz that came with Boromir. He can shoot an arrow a good 7-8 ft when I tried it. Perfect. He can also be in other poses as well, like holding his sowrd.

    Overall; I like this figure 100 fold over the strider figure. There is a lot more to do with this one than the Strider figure, IMO. He looks more like how the character looks through the majority of the film, comes with better accessories, and is just cooler.

    Final Score: A-

    Also from the new figures I reccomend Gimli/Uruk-Hai 2-pack, Elrond, and Bilbo. Also incredible figures (with the Gimli coming in a close second as my favorite figure behind the new Aarogorn.)
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    Talking Series 3 @ Burbank TRU

    So I found them!!! I've been looking so hard for these guys lately and I finally stumbled upon them in a Los Angeles TRU last night. I got one Aragorn and two Orcs. I haven't even had the time to open them yet, but am very excited to do so soon.

    I'm all caught up with my LOTR collection for now, and am planning on hitting the Star Wars Midnight Madness sale. Now I just need to find room for all these new toys!!!

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    You guys are kidding, right? The new LOTR figs are hidious. Elrond is snarling, which seems way out of character. And Aragorn... Like the accessories, like the outfit. Face scupt sucks, though.

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    They arn't as good as I thought they were going to be. I saw Bilbo Baggins the other day at Media Play. He's a very cool figure too. Probably the best in that series. His package is heavy!!!
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    I got 2 Orc Warriors and an Elrond. They are all superb. I left Aragorn on the shelves. He isn't as bad as the pics we saw online, but he still had a lumpy face. Hope they re-release him with the prototype head that can be seen on

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    I got the Gimli/Uruk and Frodo/Sam 2-packs a couple of weeks ago. They are truly superb! I passed on Elrond and the new Aragorn. The latter is hideous. Also got the new Orc Warrior. Can't have too many Orcs!

    The detail on these figures is amazing. That, with their action features and accessories, has forced me to take a shelf from my Star Wars collection and create a Middle-earth display.


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