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Thread: LOTR figures

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    Originally posted by Twodot Tatooine
    I got the Gimli/Uruk and Frodo/Sam 2-packs a couple of weeks ago. They are truly superb! I passed on Elrond and the new Aragorn. The latter is hideous. Also got the new Orc Warrior. Can't have too many Orcs!

    The detail on these figures is amazing. That, with their action features and accessories, has forced me to take a shelf from my Star Wars collection and create a Middle-earth display.
    Yeah, the new Aragorn baffles me. I saw a nice big pic of him in Action Figure Digest a few months ago and it looks GREAT. MUCH more like Viggo Mortensen than the first crappy Strider figure. Then I finally see the new one at TRU and I couldn't believe it. Since when is Aragorn balding? Ugh... I'm going to have to get him anyway, because the rest of the figure is great, and I need a new Aragorn. The first one just sucks.

    It's funny; when LOTR came out, I bought all of the nine Fellowship figures except Frodo, Sam, and Gimlie. I didn't know why, but everytime I saw one in the store, I would pick it up, then put it down and tell myself I would buy it later. Then I found out that all three of them had new figures coming so I waited to get them instead. I'm soooo glad I did; the new Frodo and Sam are AWESOME, and I'm getting Gimli and the Uruk Hai today, but Gimli also looks even better than the first one
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    The new Bilbo is out?
    I knew it had been delayed and not shipped with the original assorment.

    I've got the other new ones.

    And I had a list ot TTT figures. Let me see if i've still got it somewhere...
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    I never saw these later waves until the recent re-release to coincide with the DVD. Aside from yet another shipment of Wave 1 ( ), we did get the new 2-packs, Cave Troll, and Wave 2 of the 12".

    Gimli being my favorite character from all of LOTR (not just the movies), I picked up his 2-pack and 12" scale figure. I was disappointed with the earlier version of him, mainly due to his face sculpt. However, the 2-pack version is incredible! The face looks right, the ruddy skin-color is great, removable helmet, 4 axes and spatterings of orc blood all over him. In other words, the perfect dwarf figure! His throwing axe feature works great (except for the occasional tendency for him to toss the ax behind him) and I've gotten him to toss the ax a good 6-7 feet! Now that's an action feature! Overall grade A+!

    I also picked up the 12" scale Gimli. This wave is nowhere near the hideous abominations we got in wave 1. For one, the hair is scultped on, not rooted for the male characters and the likeness for Gimli is excellent (I think it is the same head that is used on the small figure, just a larger size. The sculpt seems almost identical right down to his mole - which looks a little like a giant white-head zit on the 12" version ). My only complaints for this figure is his single axe, which is made from the bendy plastic we get with Saga figures; his shoulder guards being made of cloth not hardplastic to simulate metal; and his giant zit. His body is awesome and I think the body for Toy Biz's Marvel Famous Covers 8" figures is used for Gimli. This makes him very poseable. Overall I would give this figure an A. Excellent work!
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    So these things are actually good?

    I had been meaning to pick them up, but I wanted to know what you guys thought of them first. They look mighty gimicked; are they just one pose wonders, or can they be posed differently than most pictures show?

    The reason I ask is because I really want a Gandalf figure, but the first has both arms out to the side. Can those be moved, or are they stuck there?

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    Originally posted by Jaina Solo
    You guys are kidding, right? The new LOTR figs are hidious. Elrond is snarling, which seems way out of character. And Aragorn... Like the accessories, like the outfit. Face scupt sucks, though.
    I you would pay attention, you would see that Elrond is wearing the outfit he wore in the Prologue battle. He had a couple of angry looking faces in that scene. They haven't made a Rinvendell version of Elrond yet, so just hold your horses and be patient.

    BlahBlahBlah, most of the figures are very well articulated and a lot of the action features don't interfere with their playability. Many of the action features work really well too. It is clear that ToyBiz intended for these things to be played with.

    While some figures are one pose wonders others can be placed in a couple of cool poses, but are still limited by their plastic cloaks and somewhat pre-posed nature.

    It's really strange that the exact same features that make me want to quit collecting Star Wars, make me want to collect the LOTR toys. Maybe it's because I have wanted a well made fantasy toy line for so long that I can overlook the flaws.
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    Thanks Bigb.

    I might go out to Wal Mart today, so I'll see what I can find... probably not much...

    Oh yeah, speaking of that, do you guys know any place that sells them online, preferably close to their store price, and accepts money orders? Cuz I have no credit card...

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    Just do what I did, I wasn't too impressed with them at first so I just picked up a couple figs of characters I liked and judged them from that. Even now, I only have a handful (5 figures, the Cave Troll, 12" Gimli) but I enjoy these few toys much more than all my Star Wars stuff put together. Right now the T2T figures are looking to be about 10 times cooler.

    I'm not too sure about online stores that sell these without credit cards but I would be interested in finding out if anyone else knows anything, I don't have a credit card anymore either.

    Here's the upcoming Roharian Soldier figure, due out in Sep/Oct. He looks great.
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    Gah, where'd you find a pic that big? The only pictures I've found have been tiny...

    Well, I went to Wal Mart, and found Strider and Bilbo. They had Elrond as well, but I passed. Those were the only three. There's another Wal Mart near me, so I might go there tomorrow evening after school.

    The Two Towers figures better be out soon... I was going to get Legolas, but I think I'll wait for the TT version, since it looks infinately better. I'm going to pass on the FOTR Aragorn, and wait on the TT version. I still want to find the FOTR version of Galdalf, tho.

    Besides FOTR Aragorn and Legolas, I'm going to be on the lookout for the others, particularly the two packs.

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    Well Blah... youll be waiting for a while for TTT figs cuz 4th wave is comin suposedly with Galandriel, Twilight Ringwraith um some others But i was just checking and they have a crapload of TTT toy pics if you want. Only one more month Blah, one more month. Dont you fret.
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    Sweet, thank you mrhat!


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