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Thread: LOTR figures

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    no problem
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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    Just do what I did, I wasn't too impressed with them at first so I just picked up a couple figs of characters I liked and judged them from that. Even now, I only have a handful (5 figures, the Cave Troll, 12" Gimli) but I enjoy these few toys much more than all my Star Wars stuff put together. Right now the T2T figures are looking to be about 10 times cooler.
    So, so true BigBarrada. I absolutely love what Toy Biz has done with these figs, and it took a lot to convince me at first. I was furious with them for making such horrible X-men:The Movie figures and I didn't think I'd ever forgive them But they've really been shining with LOTR.

    BlahBlahBlah - BigBarrada has the idea with only collecting the ones you want. That's what I wound up doing with the FOTR figs and so far there isn't a single one that I wish I hadn't bought. Although I have to admit, I wound up buying most of them; I just stayed away from ones I didn't care for and the ones that looked like they had bad gimmicks or were too unposable; ie: Newborn Lurtz, Orc overseer, Ringwraith.

    It's funny, for some reason, I convinced myself not to buy Sam, Frodo, or Gimli for a long time, even though I really wanted to complete the Fellowship. Then the series 2 Two-Packs come out and those versions of them are MUCH better than the standard carded versions. Made me happy

    After seeing The Two Towers figures I'm a little scared; there isn't a single figure in that whole line that I don't want to buy. Man I'm gonna be poor...
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    Funny you should mention Newborn Lurtz and the Orc overseer; those are ones that I had decided not to buy. But the Ringwraith looks pretty good, so if I do manage to find him, I'm going to pick him up.

    The nine-pack that's coming out is tempting, but if I can find the Borormir, Gimi, Merry & Pippin, and Sam & Frodo two packs, I'll just wait on Galdalf and Legolas to complete the fellowship.

    I am LOVING Strider and Bilbo. Strider has an amazing sculpt, and while the gimicked right arm is sort of troublesome, it's worth the hassle. Bilbo's got some great accessories, but it's too bad most of them don't work too well. The cover to the book almost came off while I was taking it out of the packacke; the walking stick is too short to be used without putting him in a really awkward pose; and he has nowhere to put Sting. Still, the base is great.

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    yeah it looks cool, but im kinda wondering about toybiz, the two towers packaging isnt right at all, PURPLE? what the... shame
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    It looks like more of a dark red to me, which is really fitting with the movie.

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    Looks Purple to me ill get a pic for you all to decide...
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    Okay here is an Eomer Packaged shot (mock up) but this is what Toy Biz is going to base the packags off of-- Purple or Red you decide!
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    Wow, I haven't checked this thread in a while. You guys should sample the sister site -

    I am on such a LOTR kick right now it's sick. So here's some goodies...

    KB is having a 25% off LOTR sale!!! Now's the chance to get these figures you've been holding off on. It goes through the beginning of September.

    Also, my Los Angeles Target's re-done toy section had more LOTR toys yesterday for $6.99 including Strider (not Aragorn)!!! There were three of them?! Cave Trolls, Elrond, Orc Warriors too.

    One more thing. Toy Biz is running another mailaway offer, much like the one Burger King did a while back. Infact, it's the exact same Uruk-Hai figure w/ helmet. You can get the coupon in the new movie package, OR KB is giving away the coupons at store counters. You need three UPC's and original receipts. Limit ONE per houshold. Here's a picture -

    They're only making 5000 of these babies so get out there and grab your coupon!!!

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    mrhat, your attachment didn't take for some reason.

    Here is the pic mrhat was referring to. Personally I think it is more of a violet.

    (BTW, I am on a major LOTR high right now too, CrunchyNug. I will have to see about getting that Orc figure, looks great.:happy: )
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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    (BTW, I am on a major LOTR high right now too, CrunchyNug. I will have to see about getting that Orc figure, looks great.:happy: )
    I'm very interested to hear that they're re-offering the Uruk Hai figure. I'm the only person I know who seems to have gotten one the first time around, thru Burger King.

    I was semi-disappointed with it for a couple reasons.

    A. it's the exact same body as Lurtz, with a different head.
    This didn't bother me too much because Lurtz (from the Boromir 2pack) is my favorite LOTR figure so far. But since he doesn't come with a bow like Lurtz did, the gimmick just doesn't work.

    B. The mailaway Orc does NOT come with an Uruk Hai sword. This actually DID tick me off because the mail away coupon from Burger King pictured him with one.

    On the other hand, his helmet looks GREAT and it's the only way to get one since they for some reason didn't include a helmet with the Gimli vs. Uruk Hai 2pack.

    But the two things aren't that big of a deal because, hey, he's basically free. So if you still have the reciepts and proofs of purchase from your figures than he's definitely worth getting. But he's not worth buying new figures just to get one.
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