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Thread: LOTR figures

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    Check this out, the Balrog prototype. ToyBiz is hesitant to release this monster though since it might be "too scary" to sell well. They've obviously never been to the McFarlane section of the toy aisle.

    This thing is huge:
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    its meant to be SCARY! duh Toy Biz its scary its evil etc... yeah i think toy bizs mom wont let them go to the McFarline asile. The cave troll is scary too, they didnt hesititate with him...
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    I don't know, I'm not as afraid of a fifteen foot tall troll with no neck as I am of a fifty foot tall demon engulfed in flames and carrying a sword and a whip.

    But that's just me.

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    yeah thats kinda true, but the balrog is just so much better looking... dont dissapoint me Toy Biz!
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    Wow that Balrog looks awesome I hope Toy biz releases it soon!!
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    I think slow sales of the Cave Troll could also be the reason. However, when the Troll's face is falling apart in the store how do you expect people to shovel out money for it? I bought one at TRU and after a couple of weeks his face dried up and is cracking apart.

    As long as TB doesn't use the squishy rubber for "real feel" skin, then it should be fine.

    Anyways, I really hope this thing gets released, even if it has to be an exclusive. As long as it is made.

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    Talking mail-away Uruk-Hai???

    Anyone send in proofs of purchases for the new FREE figure? I recently got mine in the mail and he rocks!!! It's the same one as the Burger King offer awhile ago. The helmet really sells the figure!!!

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    I have the offer for the figure. I still need to send away for it. He looks very cool!
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    Originally posted by Jayspawn
    I have the offer for the figure. I still need to send away for it. He looks very cool!
    I'd jump on that if I were you. If you've got the receipts & UPC's, go ahead and send it on in. I believe the figure production is limited to only 5000 pieces and the offer has been going on since the release of the DVD, several weeks ago. I'm very happy with mine!!! Get 'em while they last...

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    I just saw an assortment of LOTR TT figures at Zellers up here in Canada. Legolas, Faramir, Easterling, and a generic Ranger. So cool, it was all I could do to NOT drop the 50 bucks. These figures are approaching MacFarlane levels of paint and sculpt detail. Very, very nice.


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