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Thread: LOTR figures

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    There's no LOTR figures in any of my stores. AHH!

    (BTW, Does anybody happen to have an extra Saruman or Gandalf?)
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    Where is the 4th Fellowship of the Ring series? It's supposed to have Gandriel in it. I was really looking forward to this series. I hope it comes out before the TT figures do.
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    Wohoo! I picked up Legolas from The Two Towers! Media Play had the 1st series in stock! And what detail it has! It's worlds better than the 1st figure in my oppinion. It's posable, playable and reaches McFarlane detail. Alll the figures are very impressive.
    I can't wait till Saruman comes out!!!!

    "I have got to get my one of those."
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    Yeah, I need the new Saruman figure, with white robes, instead of the old one (Saruman the Taupe).

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    OMG, that Legolas is AMAZING. I freaked when I saw it next to the SW toys at KB Toy Works. If you see it yourself, get it. You will not be disapointed. Not at all.
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    His face is exactly, no EXACTLY like the actor's it is remarkable. Im now wishing I bought these, with any luck they'll be back up here. They disappeared very quickly for Prince Rupert, where I kind of thought I was the only one who liked toys. They literally flew off the shelves, along with the Spider-Man Classics assortment we got (likely by accident).


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