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Thread: LOTR figures

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    LOTR figures

    It just occured to me that we don't have anything for Lord of the Rings in here. So how about a new thread all about toys from Middle Earth?

    I was in a hobby shop in Los Angeles and came across some new LOTR figures that I hadn't seen before. There are a couple of new two-packs -

    Gimli the Dwarf vs. an Uruk-Hai (both with plenty of weapons)
    Frodo & Samwise (with row boat)

    On the back of the packages were pictures of an upcoming wave that will include -

    Traveling Bilbo (with backdrop)
    Elrond (in battle stance)
    Strider (with drawn bow)
    Orc (with weapons)

    There may have been more, but that's the best my memory can do for now. I'm excited about this next wave!!!

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    I've heard of these 2-packs and figures coming out. I'm glad you saw them. How did they look? I really want the Elrond figure, so he can fight my Matrix Agent Smith figure.

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    The LOTR figures are sweet. That new line you are referring to was in the last issue of ToyFare. They were already on the top 10 hot list and they havent even hit the shelves yet.
    They look very good.
    So far the only LOTR figures I have are Saruman and Strider.
    Looking for a Legolas. He is awesome with that bow!!
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    Word on the grapevine is that "Assortment 3" will be altered since its preview at Toy Fair. Toybiz wanted to make that assortment "stronger," so they'll probably be adding some figures from Assortment 4.

    Assortment 4 was set to include:

    Twilight Ringwraith
    Orc Brute

    So I don't know if both assortments are being combined into 1 or what, but look for them soon.

    For LOTR action figure news, head on over to, its another action on-line site that just opened. You can find pictures from the up coming figures there too.
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    Thanks for the tip on the new site. There's all the info I've been looking for. I missed the pictures in Toyfair and was surprised to see new LOTR stuff. Sounds like a great couple of waves we can expect soon. Balrog toy!!! Bring it on Toy-Biz.

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    Talking Elrond found in Los Angeles

    I scored the new Elrond at a Burbank TRU. He's quite impressive. On the back was the rest of the wave including -

    Traveling Bilbo
    Orc Warrior

    The new wave is out!!!

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    Thanks for the 411! Have you gotten the 2-packs yet? I haven't seen anything new yet, but I expect to find new stuff soon.
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    I spotted the new two-packs a few weeks ago at a hobby shop in Santa Monica, but passed because of the inflated prices. After reading about the sightings over at, I've been hitting the TRU's pretty hard out here. By the time I got there yesterday, which was around noon, Elrond was the only NEW figure left. No sign of the two-packs either?!

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    Talking Found 'em!!!

    Santa Monica TRU had several of the new two-packs this morning. I quickly snatched up an Uruk-Hai vs. Gimli. These guys are just amazing when taken out of the packaging. Gimli has his double bladed battle axe, and three more for throwing!!! He also comes complete with removable cape and helmet.

    At $12.99, I only got one. I think I'll pass on the little rowboat for now.

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    You could also visit or LOTR affiliate site,
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