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    Question Anyone here build Star Wars models??

    Just curious to see if anyone here is into building Star Wars models, and what you think of the "lack of" models lately?


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    I used to build all the models I could find, but haven't built anything since Ep1. I've still yet to understand why they don't make more model kits, especially since there are so many vehicles left to do. I'd like to see:

    new, larger AT-AT with more detail and fully poseable legs
    Blockade Runner
    Super Star Destroyer
    Sail Barge with Skiff

    Of course they'd all have to be huge with tons of detail. Maybe MPC can go laser scan the props from the Lucasfilm Archives to insure accuracy.
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    You said it! I can't seem to figure it out! Why AMT/ERTL dropped the license is beyond me!!

    I want to see models of:

    AT-ST (newly tooled)
    Blockade Runner
    AT-AT (newly tooled)
    Jawa Sandcrawler
    Jabba the Hutt (vinyl kit)
    A-Wing, B-Wing, Y-Wing (all bigger newly tooled kits)
    TIE Bomber
    Falcon kit (accurate)
    Destroyer Droid
    Queen Amidala's Starship
    Droid Control Ship
    Sith Infiltrator
    Other Pod-racers
    Mrdical Frigate
    Mon-Calimari Cruiser
    Rebel Transport
    Luke's Landspeeder
    Various Bounty Hunters (vinyl kits)


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    I've not been much of a model builder, with one exception. Years and years ago, before college I bought the original release Speeder Bike model kit (a later release cut the model in half and had it mounted on a clear plastic circle). Since it had a base that balanced the model on a tiny point on the top, it was ideal for building brush around to disguise the stand. I painted the stand the same color of green as the brush (made from straw from one of those decorative brooms that you find in the fall at craft stores which I bundled and spray painted). The stand was surrounded with painted straw "brush", repainted aquarium foliage, and lichen. The finished model had the effect of appearing to float over the stained wood plaque base I used, as only a few strands of straw actually touched the bottom of the bike. People were amazed at the illusion. If you find one of thes kits unbuilt, you should give this a try, it comes out looking great.
    Sadly the original was knocked over by a cat and destroyed, but I have two more of the kits (purchased years later) and I am planing to remake this kit.

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    When I was around 11 or so, Pic-N-Save had the A-wing model on sale, I threw that sucker together in no time flat... and "played" with it. That was the end of the A-wing.

    A couple years before that, me and my dad built a pretty big Millennium Falcon model, very detailed. It survived for quite a while, but finally was damaged in an earthquake and then destroyed by my dad's cats.
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    I recently tried doing an X-Wing model that I got from a KB Toys outlet store for 5 bucks. And Ialso recently remembered why I never did models much as a kid, I suck at it.


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