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    The ATLAS Die-cast starships & vehicles line

    Just for curiosity because this collection will probably never reach the US.
    Atlas, a french brand is making a new line of small die-cast starships & vehicles from Starwars. Made of die-cast metal with a few details made of plastic, they are a little bigger than the Titanium minis (about 1/4 to 1/3 bigger). Here are a little preview of what's to come. 65 vehicles are planned incl. (Death Star 1 & 2, Tie fighter, Vader's Tie, Amidala flying wing Ep2, Amidala Nubian starship Ep1, Slave 1, ETA-2 starfighter, Jawa Sandcrawler, Jabba's Barge, X-wing, A-wing, Grievous wheelbike, AT-RT, AT-AT, Naboo fighter, Sith Infiltrator, Y-wing, Juggernauth, Star Destroyer... etc...*
    Product is Lucasfilm Licensed.

    Two wrong points. First they are incredibly expensive at 14.99 €uros each (french are frackin' rich it seems ) and they will be only available in France by now.
    Anyway, just for curiosity, here is a few pics of the first issue with the Millenium Falcon.

    Better pics here :
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    SWEET, I'd love to have Grievous' wheelbike.

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    Holy crap! I want!

    Man, importing would be bad enough, but 14.99 euros each? That's insane, comes out to $21 USD. They look nice though...
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    Quote Originally Posted by LTBasker View Post
    Holy crap! I want!

    Man, importing would be bad enough, but 14.99 euros each? That's insane, comes out to $21 USD. They look nice though...
    Moral of the sotyr is buy whichever you want the most. Star Destroyer for me!

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    Wow- those ARE pretty cool but definitely a little pricey- however 65 ships?!?!?!? That'll put Hasbro to SHAME!

    Do they have any "action features" or are they just static die-cast models?

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    Man, those are craaaaazy! The pricepoint is unholy, even with that display box, that's way too much scratch. They look nice, a VERY different take on some of those designs like the Falcon and the Jedi Starfighter from Hasbro's designers. I don't understand that packaging at all! Looks like a huge waste of materials and space.
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    I like those Atlas distribution in N American? Very sad....would like the Naboo Cruiser and the wheelbike and....i'd pay $20 for a few of em.
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    shoutout to Sicqnus

    Are you the same person with the Action Fleet site? If so, was very helpful.
    Gotta say that the Death Star II looks pretty kewl too.
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    Yup, that's me. Haven't time to update the website by now. Anyway, here is an almost complete list of what's to come. Seems the collection will be available in Belgium, probably in Spain and maybe in UK. No info yet on the US market but I believe this is a strong possibility.

    ATLAS die-cast ships & vehicles :

    1) - Millenium Falcon.
    2) - X-wing fighter Red-5.
    3) - Jedi Starfighter ETA-2 (Anakin Episode III - Yellow).
    3 bis) - Tie Fighter (White - Episode IV) - Free with issue 3.
    4) - AT-AT.
    5) - Naboo Royal Cruiser (Flying wing - Episode II).
    6) - Imperial Star Destroyer.
    7) - Grievous Wheelbike (Tsmeu-6 wheelbike - Episode III).
    8) - Naboo Royal Starship (327 J-Type Nubian cruiser - Episode I).
    9) - Imperial Shuttle Tydirium (Sienar Lambda-class Shuttle).
    10) - Jabba's Sail Barge (Ubrikian Sail Barge - Episode VI).
    11) - Naboo N-1 Starfighter.
    12) - A-wing Starfighter.
    13) - Sith Infiltrator.
    14) - AT-ST.
    15) - Y-wing Starfighter.
    16) - Advanced X-1 Tie Fighter (Darth Vader's Tie Fighter - Episode IV).
    17) - Republic Cruiser (Diplomatic Red Cruiser - Episode I).
    18) - Sandcrawler.
    19) - Slave One
    20) - Jedi Starfighter Delta-7 (Obi-Wan Episode II - Red).
    21) - Speederbike.
    22) - AT-TE.
    23) - B-wing Starfighter.
    24) - Tie Bomber
    25) - Snowspeeder
    26) - Death Star II
    27) - Homing Spider Droïd
    28) - Darth Maul Speederbike
    29) - Tantive IV (Blockade Runner)
    30) - STAP
    31) - Grievous Starfighter
    32) - V-wing fighter
    33) - Geonosian fighter
    34) - Cloud-Car
    35) - Tie Interceptor
    36) - Hailfire droïd
    37) - Rebel Transport Galofree
    38) - Super Star Destroyer Executor
    39) - ARC-170 fighter
    40) - Medical Frigate Nebulon-B
    41) - TR-TT
    42) - Tri-Droid fighter
    43) - Republic Gunship
    44) - ?
    45) - Invisible Hand - Grievous flagship
    46) - ? (maybe AT-RT)
    47) - Trade Federation Tank
    48) - Juggernaut - Clone Tank
    49) - Sand skiff
    50) - Droid starfighter
    51) - Escape Pod (Blockade Runner's)
    52) - Mon Calamari Cruiser MC-80a
    53) - T-16 Skyhopper
    54) - ? (probably Anakin's speeder)
    55) - Zam Wesell speeder
    56) - Alliance Corporation's Droid Tank
    57) - Gungan Sub (Bongo)
    58) - Imperial Landing Craft (Sentinel-class shuttle - Ep.IV)
    59) - BARC speeder
    60) - Owen's Swoop bike
    (they may produce five more items).
    - "I've never understood Walt Disney".
    Howard Philip Lovecraft.

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    That is a long list. And some really cool items there too.
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