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    Talking The 80's Alive in Toys?

    While in at Wal-Mart last night I noticed something. I noticed that the 80ís are still alive. Now, Iím not one of those guys stuck in the past. I just noticed that all of our favorite toys from the 80ís live on today. Think about it. Right now at Wal-Mart I can buy Star Wars, GI Joe (A Real American Hero), Transformers, He-Man, McFarlane Sports Picks (Starting Lineups Reincarnated), Hot Wheels, and Matchbox. I mean that is all the things that I really loved to play with when I was a kid. I know some things arenít around anymore. Like MASK, Thunder Cats, and Ghost Busters, but hey what we have now isnít that bad.

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    McFarlane better get their groove on with the Ghostbusters...sure they will be immovable hunks of plastic, but they'd look pretty sweet

    As for 80s toys, your right, and what's wrong with living in the past?

    So yeah, I forsee all the old cool stuff coming back moreso. Yay!
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    I didnít mean to imply that living in the past was bad. I just wanted to let readers know that Iím an everyday Joe who noticed this thatís all.

    Yea, the Mcís are sweet looking, but not a whole lot of play value. But, sacrifices have to be made.

    I would defiantly buy a Peter Vencman (I donít know how to spell his last name).

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    The Thundercats will return also, other line that is in sale in specific stores are the Smurfs, but not in walmart though...yep, the 80's is very much alive.
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    Hmm... toy companies want to sell toys and make money. What toys made them money in the past? GI Joe? Transformers? Barbie? Star Wars? He-Man? Tonka? Hot Wheels? Matchbox? Cabbage Patch Kids? Voltron? So, let's not be creative, let's just re-hash old products and call them "Anniversary Editions" or "Special Collector Models." Yeah...


    I have had good self-control in not buying these "nostalgic" toys.
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    Hasbro is even going as far with Star Wars to make the new packaging resemble the vintage style. You can definitely see it in the reg. figure cards and the beast assortment box.
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    THundercats are coming back? When? Where?
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    I haven't seen any He-Man toys around in any stores. I do wish Ghostbusters toys were still around. One of my favorite action figures is the Ghostbusters Frankenstein ghost. That's a sweet figure.
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    Hee hee! I remember that one! Pull his legs together and his arms raise and his jaw opens nice and wide.

    By far the best Ghostbusters toy was Grannie Gross!
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    I agree the 80's toys are still alive, but in a different way. The toy lines have changed. Some for the better, some for the worse. The G.I.Joe line is ok, but the newer figures are beginning to look nothing like the old ones. Transformers? What's the deal with this line. The Beast Machines and Beast Wars sets and cartoons were stupid. Now at least they are putting out more of the classic vehicle stuff. The only thing that bothers me though is that some of the characters are now different things. Like Grimlock for example. He used to be a dinosaur and now he is a construction crane. How does this happen? That is the only reason I haven't picked up any of the new Transformers toys. The reissue of the He-Man figures was a great idea, except that they limited them to like only 10,000 figures a piece. Plus they were mega expensive for a He-Man toy. I would have liked to have seen them at a lower price and more readily available. Hopefully the new line of He-Man figures coming up will be really cool. Star Wars has been quite impressive. I like all the changes and the good detail. There is a noticeable difference between the newer figures and the vintage line. A great improvement IMO. Hopefully the new Thundercats line will be awesome also. I'd like to see Silverhawks get a re-release also.
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