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    Thumbs up Questions/comments about arena scene

    For a long while it seemed the arena scene would be centered around the Reek(s) I think there are supposed to be 3 of them,but I saw none in the trailer. Has anyone spotted it in the trailer? Another question is: Are there others in the arena that are sentenced to death,besides Anakin,Padme,and Obi-wan? The Acklay looks awesome as does the creature that attacks Padme.

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    I think the reek appears as briefly as any other shot in the trailer, stomping towards the camera, but I'm just relaying imfo I read on another thread so I could be wrong. I've tried, so so many times, to get a good look of the creature that attacks padme but it just comes and goes too quickly.
    I have read nothing that talks about others being chained up in the arena.
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    I think the Reek sequence was seen as too spoiler-ish to show and I think there's only one Reek. There are four or five posts in the center of the arena just offcenter actually so they must use them quite a bit. It's comparably Greco/roman looking in aspect with the Reek representing the Bull or Minotaur of myth and legend. The Acklay could be any number of beasts mixed up and the Nexu with the cat like claws is a sort of tiger really. Much like the Romans used with gladiators.

    I like the look of the Acklay too it looks nicer than the toy version. But i have one question, if the Jedi kill the Acklay and the Nexu and the Reek, why don't we see them lying around dead in the arena in the shots from later in the battle? There's so much damage and death in that arena and yet so little wreckage or dead bodies or big dead beasts. Just something that occured to me while watching the trailer again. I know it's not finished footage and all that and I'm not being critical just observant.

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    This is as much as you get of the Nexu attacking Padders.

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    That must be why I can never see it. my eyes always go directly to her bright white arms swingin' that chain, and skim right over the blurry fuzz ball in the corner.

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    I love the Acklay it's scary, big and deadly if you look in the bottom right hand side you can see a CloneTrooper in it's claw (right after Yoda says 'Begun this Clone War has).

    As for all the hype around the Reek, well, it's because the Reek fights Jango and Mace at the sametime...
    The Force is strong with this one.

    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.


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