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    Canadian $

    Does anybody know the conversion rate of Canadian dollars to American dollars. There's a store that had something I wanted to buy and I was about to write a check when I noticed the address was Canada. So if an item is 85$ Canadadian, how much is that in American?


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    Point your browser to the following address for currency conversions:

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    Thanks, it's cheeper than I thouhgt.


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    Originally posted by smurfvader
    Thanks, it's cheeper than I thouhgt.

    Cheaper too, I'll bet!

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    Watch for GST, a tax where the $$$ goes directly to their national healthcare program. I am not 100% sure, but I believe it is around 8%. Add to that a provincial tax and maybe a local tax and your paying up to 15% taxes. Plus the shipping rate is bound to be more. But you may be exempt from some of those costs because you are a nonCanuck.
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    Thanks for the warning. I know thw ad said postage was included with the price, but it didn't say anything about tax. I'm going to e-mail them to ask them about that. The place is called we sell toys, I don't know if anyone has dealt with them before.



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