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    3 3/4" Black Series Wave 2

    Carded images have surfaced of three wave 2 figures - Stormtrooper, 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper, and R2-D2.

    It looks like the stormtrooper is the TVC sandtrooper without any gear, meaning his helmet is non-removable. This figure was previously sold in a Target Special Action Figure set (unless it has unforeseen modifications, perhaps like filling in the backpack hole). When the stormtrooper appeared on rumor lists, I expected it was the sandtrooper instead, so this is a welcome figure.

    The clone trooper is the gray-striped version seen on Coruscant, not the Kashyyyk armor version. It uses the newest clone body. The helmet looks a little different but I don't think it has been updated, unfortunately.

    R2-D2 is another figure from the cancelled Legacy Collection, and appears to be a clean redeco of the TAC booster rockets figure. Maybe not the most exciting choice, but it's a version I've wanted for a long time, so it will be good to finally have a normal booster rocket R2-D2 that isn't awful.

    If early lists are any indication, then Pablo-Jill, Luminara Unduli, and Mara Jade will round out the wave.

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    Why is the 41st elite missing the gray on the shoulder pads, belt, and lower legs?

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    Because he's still in training?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Battle Droid View Post
    Why is the 41st elite missing the gray on the shoulder pads, belt, and lower legs?
    Wow, you're right, that's bad. I added a question for JT to ask at SDCC, but hopefully a lot of people will bug Hasbro and get them to fix it.

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    The page has been updated to show the remainder of the wave - Mara Jade, Pablo-Jill, and Luminara Unduli. Yoda's News has higher-quality carded and loose shots of each.

    I'm glad that Luminara finally has her outer robe, which was left off of the ROTS figure and its Order 66 repaint. She looks like a pretty significant upgrade. I wonder if something was supposed to go in that space in her bubble?

    Mara Jade looks nice, but with that giant hair it's more like Mara Fawcett. I find it funny that the image shows her with the goggles and hood when this figure doesn't have those accessories (which would have been easy repacks from the comic pack figure).

    Pablo-Jill looks great - hopefully Hasbro still follows through with Coleman Kcaj.

    Aside from the p***-poor 41st Elite clone, this wave is pretty solid overall.

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    Well wave 2 definitely peaks my interest more than wave 1. I definitly want at least 1 stormtrooper. I've not bought an updated one in a long time, the last single card release stormtrooper seemed to yellow terribly fast. Also I hate removable helmets in most cases, glad to know this sculpt doesn't feature it. I also want Mara, and the Luminara to go with the recent Barriss.
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    JTA posted some images of the second 3.75" Black Series wave:

    That Stormtrooper looks to be one of the worst things that Hasbro has produced in years. Also, what's the deal with Mara Jade's face and hair? She looks like a guy cosplaying as Mara Jade wearing a red Cher wig.


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