I recently posted a thread to the Dear Hasbro Section (Pack-ins, Pack-ins, Pack-ins) regarding accessories, props, little droids, and even smaller creature types that would make ideal accessories for Star Wars figures in favor of more "super" blasters that are created solely for the toys. One of these suggestions was Worrt (a.k.a. the Road Creature), the bulbous, spiney frog-like animal seen in a ROTJ establishing shot of Jabba's Palace from the exterior. This ponderous creature lazily gobbles up its hapless prey with a lengthy tongue and then issues forth a satisfied belch.
The question I now pose is based on a reply to that thread, one that claimed that Worrt was a poor choice as a pack-in because it was as big or bigger than Jabba the Hutt. I suspect that this concept was based on "back story" from one of the countless books, gaming supplements, or CCG cards, but I do not read most of these so I am uncertain of the origins of this size question. I saw the original puppet at the Magic of Myth exibit when it was in Houston, Texas and it is no larger than a small dog. Of course the size of the puppet itself is irrelevant as the Rancor puppet was smaller still. However, I have always seen the shot featuring Worrt as a foreground/background contrast shot with the creature in the extreme forground, its size not relative to the size of the buildings beyond. My perception could be skewed, or that of the writer of this creature's back story which has become gospel for some.
At any rate, if anyone knows where information on the size of this creature may have been published, please let me know. I have copies of the Star Wars Chronicles which I believe includes Worrt in the wonderful size comparison photographic chart section, but I am not certain. The Rancor and Jabba are shown to scale with each other, if memory serves, and if Worrt does appear in that book, I know that it was not as big as Jabba. If it does not, I have only the loyal fans and members of Sir Steves Guide to settle this issue.