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    Article: SDCC 2013: San Diego Comic-Con Coverage Begins!

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    What are you wanting to see more of from SDCC?

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    Thanks for the great, comprehensive photos!

    As a note - the Saga Legends and Mission Series album names are mismatched.

    As for what else to see? Perhaps more angles of the Vintage packaging, if possible. I'm really itching for Hasbro to show some items that haven't already been revealed, so I hope their panel brings a good amount of newness tomorrow.

    The Slave I is cheaper now at $70, but the TRU X-wing is $60. The Death Star Trench Run, where this version of the X-wing debuted (as a retool of a retool), was $100 and came with Vader's TIE and three repacked figures . . . I think $50 would move more of these. They probably should have put Biggs' astro droid on the box art as well. The Gunship looks great, and the nose art looks to be optional - I would think about getting two of these but the $120 pricetag - three times what it cost in 2002 and a $50 jump from 2009, albeit without the figures and gunner pods - is a little ridiculous.

    The "Droid Factory" set is a head scratcher. Assuming the Sandtrooper and Battle Droid will be the correct versions when released, this set accounts for the entire first wave of cancelled Legacy Collection figures. So now there are only a few figures we knew about that haven't been announced for release - Mace, Rex, A-wing Pilot, and build-a-droids R5-X2 and R8-B7. The theme for the set is "these figures were supposed to come out in a wave together several months ago," and that ain't a great theme. What's really odd is that these were all army builders (aside, maybe, from Backstabber), and I would have liked several of the maroon droid, 212th Clone Trooper, and Geonosian Warrior. Some of these figures have shown up in Walmart's computers, so either they've been cancelled as basic releases or they'll still be coming in both avenues. I'd really like more information on this, which I'm sure they'll provide at tomorrow's panel.

    While I don't collect them, I like the designs on the new Angry Birds II characters. Though I do find it odd that Lando and Mace have to be the same color as their actors while every other human character doesn't . . . I know that's Rovio and not Hasbro, but it's odd.

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    We will see more things after their panel presentation.

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    ... I hope the presentation and whatever you see after their panel is just absolutely spectacular.

    Because so far . . . I'm rather underwhelmed by what I've seen so far.

    The only standard scale figure I'm interested in is the biker scout, and that's because I want one to correct the screwed up one that came with my speeder bike. Nothing else interests me that's coming out in at least this first wave.

    Out of the new six inch line, R2 is a must buy. I'll have to think long and hard about sand troopers . . . because I'll want two of those if they release Darth Vader and he looks good. Otherwise, the only other six inch figure I really want to get my hands on is a C-3PO. Anything else outside of those . . . is going to have to be absolutely mind blowing for me to want to pick it up. So out of those, there's 2 figures currently announced that I want (one I might buy twice) and two figures that I don't even know for sure are coming out or not.

    The vehicles while awesome . . . are also far too expensive for me anymore so I won't be picking up any of them.

    Last year was a slow year for me. So far this year I've bought almost nothing due to no stock or re-stocked figures no one wants. Now we're getting a whole new line of stuff that just doesn't interest me.

    ...Here's hoping they show us something spectacular for the future . . . If we ever see it if this first wave doesn't wind up just sitting on shelves . . .

    I don't know. Maybe I'm losing interest in this hobby at this point.
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    Yeah, wake me when they actually show something new.

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    JabbaJohn, I'll try to get more pics of the Vintage packaging, but the display layout is really tight for most of that stuff, either right on top of the next pieces, or right up against the shelf above it, so that's why there's some angles of stuff from overhead and such.

    Good catch on the SL and MS stuff, I had a rough start with numbering and finally gave up on that system, it wasn't remotely as helpful as I had expected it'd be, after that it started to get easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    JabbaJohn, I'll try to get more pics of the Vintage packaging, but the display layout is really tight for most of that stuff, either right on top of the next pieces, or right up against the shelf above it, so that's why there's some angles of stuff from overhead and such.
    Thanks - that's what I figured, so don't worry if it's not possible. I was just thinking about what other things might be cool to see.
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    I'm not impressed at all by their display. Maybe the slide show will generate some excitement but I wouldn't hold my breath. efx has generated alot of excitement. They have the new hero ST lid along with armor recast from an original and complete set of ANH armor. They are making an ESB Boba Fett helmet cast off of the original and are in the process of making a studio scale 4' star destroyer. Lots to look forward to.

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    ...and by "something new" I was NOT referring to the Angry Birds garbage.

    Ah well, as long as we get to see photos of wave 2 of the 6" line, then this SDCC won't be a total loss.


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