Thanks for the panel images!

Thankfully CEII is only a week away, since this showing was pretty bare-bones.

Good lord, why did they show so much of the Angry Birds game? Shouldn't Rovio have done that?

Black Series wave 2 is pretty great, even if we've already seen Boba and Greedo. Han looks incredible.

The 41st Elite Corps Clone STILL has the incredibly incorrect paint apps on the slideshow photo . . . it ain't lookin' good for this guy.

The new Saga Legends and Mission Series are some good choices. Boba looks like a repack of the figure from last year's battle pack. The stormtrooper could be good diorama fodder. Threepio and Han actually look very good. It's bittersweet to be getting realistic phase II Rex, season 3 Obi-Wan, and cybernetic Maul v2 when they're just the low-articulation versions.

The Class I Boba Slave I is a no-brainer, but still a reveal. They probably should have held back on re-releasing the Jango version in the new box to just go with this one already. Oh, and a blue ROTS starfighter and Anakin's TCW starfighter as if it were an AOTC starfighter . . . uh, okay.

Those Ewoks are different from the ones that are actually coming with the set - the black one with the green hood looks to be an upgrade to Tokkat. Hopefully those two eventually make it out, but that's pretty sloppy on Hasbro's part. The Republic Gunship also still shows the Saga Legends figures.

I like the Droid Factory set, actually. I still hope the maroon droid will make it out another way . . .

Also, the only two people on the panel I recognize are Jeff and Derryl. Are the other guys from Rovio, or are they just a bunch of new blood?