In another move that cheapens the line for collectors, Hasbro has been discovered to have cancelled The Black Series # ??, namely Dirt.

Dirt was going to be repainted, tan for Tatooine dirt, white for Hoth dirt (snow), green for grass dirt (Endor) and so-forth with possible rust coloration for Geonosis and so forth.

However, making the single-piece, non-articulated mold for dirt and carding and shipping it, proved to be too expensive to produce for the early 2015 line.

Casual fans and collectors may be starting a petition for "Dirt" from Hasbro to not allow the stalwart Star Wars brand to become dirt cheap in its new offerings. Grumblings on the forum boards have begun to suggest this.

Or they could at least include multiple pieces of Dirt on each card back.

Nevertheless, I think I've seen some Dirt make a previously unannounced release and included as a pack-in with the Biggs Darklighter figure at my Target.