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    Lightbulb Star Wars - The Black Series: 6" Wave 2 Discussion Thread!

    We now have the full line-up for Wave 2 of the 6" Black Series from SDCC.

    Leia: Slave Girl, Han Solo: ANH, Greedo, and Boba Fett (Same Figure/No Carbonite Block)

    Pretty decent line-up. Glad that Han and Greedo are in the same wave. Wish Boba Fett would have been retooled and repainted as a RotJ version though... so as to be paired with Leia: Slave Girl. But still... awesome sauce.

    Though no Prequel figure is a surprise. Guess that means that Anakin and Obi-Wan: ROTS will both be in Wave 3.

    Princess Leia: Slave Girl - Wow... they did a fantastic job with nailing every detail of that costume. While it's not my favorite look for Leia by far... it's a great looking figure. Can't wait to get her.

    Han Solo: ANH - Han turned out pretty good. Harrison Ford's face is still very difficult for any company to nail. Especially his look from ANH. They seem to do better with ESB and RotJ Han faces.

    Greedo - We've already seen and said pretty much everything about this guy.

    Boba Fett - Ditto for the Fettster. Though I do wish it was the Return of the Jedi version.

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    Where are you seeing photos of these figures?

    EDIT: Never mind I found them. Those are looking pretty sweet. The likeness on the Han figure seems a little muted, so I'm hoping it looks better in the production version.

    Leia looks pretty good, but I know we're going to have to endure about a million and one complaints about the overly visible joints on her arms and legs.

    I'm glad Boba Fett is the ESB version, this way I can ignore the SDCC set completely.

    Greedo still looks really good, but I'm hoping those eyes get painted darker on the final version.

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    Releasing Han and Greedo together will work to sell more of both of them - this might be their idea for Anakin and Obi-Wan if they do them for wave 3.

    I really like all the accessories they gave Han. Overall these are very good choices for the line, so I hope it does well.

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    Yeah, I just saw that Han comes with the Stormtrooper Belt, Blaster, and Gloved Hands.

    If he has the headset as well, it's the definitive Han Solo from A New Hope. Even if not, it's fabu.

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    They're not out until November.... but we already have carded pics of Wave 2.

    Wave 2 looks great. And I like the roster better than Wave 1 as well.

    I do wish that Han Solo had his headset as well. But otherwise... he's awesome.
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    Well there goes another $175.

    I like the 6 inch line personally. Yes the first wave could have been better, but overall I am satisfied enough to stick with it for now. The choice to focus on OT characters helps sell me on this as as well.

    I do wonder, with all the accessories they put in with Han Solo, why they decided to go with a dirty Sandtrooper for wave one with a single orange pauldron. Personally, I think they should have gone with a clean Stormtrooper and multiple pauldron accessories. They made Darth Maul with removable heads so you can change his look, they REALLY should have done the same for the Sandtrooper.

    Then Hasbro could have shipped solid cases of Stormtrooper/Sandtroopers. I would have spent $200 just on that one figure!

    X1 Boxed MIMB
    X2 Stormtrooper
    X2 Sandtrooper Orange Pauldron
    X2 Sandtrooper Black Pauldron
    X2 Sandtrooper White Pauldron

    Plus one for the boy. He loves Star Wars, not as much as his old man, but he still gets a kick out of it and he like the 6 inch figures, Iron Man, Spiderman, now he has SW figures to go with his other stuff and they are the same scale.

    Oh, even better, since they can do removable heads (ala Darth Maul). They could have done a Stormtrooper with Luke and Han heads!
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    Adam Pawlus' review pointed out that Han's eyes aren't even the right color - and he doesn't have his chin scar. The figure looks pretty phenomenal other than that (though I've yet to see it in person), but how could they fumble such obvious details?

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    The eyes may be wrong, but it looks to me like the scar is there:
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    Quote Originally Posted by sebillba View Post
    The eyes may be wrong, but it looks to me like the scar is there:
    Hmm, looks like you're right. Here's Galactic Hunter's review for reference. It's a little too subtle, but it does look like it's there.

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    The Galactic Hunters Review pictures are cartoonish. I hope they just used the wrong lens...
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