We now have the full line-up for Wave 2 of the 6" Black Series from SDCC.

Leia: Slave Girl, Han Solo: ANH, Greedo, and Boba Fett (Same Figure/No Carbonite Block)

Pretty decent line-up. Glad that Han and Greedo are in the same wave. Wish Boba Fett would have been retooled and repainted as a RotJ version though... so as to be paired with Leia: Slave Girl. But still... awesome sauce.

Though no Prequel figure is a surprise. Guess that means that Anakin and Obi-Wan: ROTS will both be in Wave 3.

Princess Leia: Slave Girl - Wow... they did a fantastic job with nailing every detail of that costume. While it's not my favorite look for Leia by far... it's a great looking figure. Can't wait to get her.

Han Solo: ANH - Han turned out pretty good. Harrison Ford's face is still very difficult for any company to nail. Especially his look from ANH. They seem to do better with ESB and RotJ Han faces.

Greedo - We've already seen and said pretty much everything about this guy.

Boba Fett - Ditto for the Fettster. Though I do wish it was the Return of the Jedi version.