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The eyes I think are just due to Hasbro's awful photography skills. Seen plenty of figures that do that in their press releases. It should most likely look better on the released product. So I wouldn't worry.

And no, the $3.00 increase is just Amazon. Wave 1 went up originally at $22.99 also.
Those are not photography issues on those eyes, that's clearly a paint issue, it's showing on the packaged shot as well from a different angle. She looks like a Scooby Doo celebrity guest character that just ran into a monster.
"Hey, it's famous actress and writer Carrie Fisher, what are you doing in this spooky old factory?"
"Hi kids, well I figured I should start working on a backup career in case acting and writing don't pan out, and renovating this old mustard squeeze-bottle factory sounded like a great investment at the time when I got talked into-- Wait, is that a gh-gh-gh-ghost?!?"
"ZOINKS! Like, let's get out of here Scoob! You too, Miss Fisher!"
"*canned laughter*"

Whether it's a production paint issue is another question, and I think that is a production or near-production sample too, based on the amount of flash on the arm joints. That eye paint has all the artistry and nuance of an "OBEY" Andre the Giant stencil slapped on an overpass 15 seconds ago.

The first time I saw the wave 1 6"ers on Amazon was $19.99.