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    Has a Vader or Anakin been confirmed?

    I know they're (he's) overdone in the figure lines, but, really, he IS the main character.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OC47151 View Post
    I'm being selective in purchasing this series. I've only bought Han, and I'm looking for Fett.
    Same here. Like moms that choose Jif, I am also choosy. I don't have the real estate to afford to these bigg'ns.

    I bought all of wave 1, as well as Han. Leia and Greedo are too meh for me to bother with. I have yet to see Fett, arguably my (and apparently everyone else's) most desired figure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Has a Vader or Anakin been confirmed?

    I know they're (he's) overdone in the figure lines, but, really, he IS the main character.
    No word on Vader yet, but ROTS Anakin is coming in wave 4. It seems like he was planned for wave 3 but pushed back - hence the carry-forward Han. The face sculpt they showed looked absolutely atrocious, well beyond any of the issues seen in this line so far, so hopefully they'll work on it before he's released.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    I have now seen two wave 2 figs: Greedo & Han. They weren't on sale. I passed.
    Add in Leia, too. And my passing is still going on.
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    Leia and Greedo are the early frontrunners for shelfwamers, and I've seen Han around a few times. Never seen a Boba Fett in the wild though.
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    I only picked up Boba Fett and Greedo. Han Solo looked like crap I thought. The next wave I am only gonna get Stormtrooper.

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    I went to Target yesterday and found about 5-6 each of Leia and Greedo, 1 Han Solo and not a single Boba Fett. Wave 1 seems to have completely sold out here as well.

    Han Solo didn't really look that great to me. Definitely not $20 great. I didn't find a single Leia with a decent paint job and Greedo really bothers me because they made his head too danged small and the color of his eyes just looks completely wrong. Sure, I could repaint the eyes, but for $20 per figure I shouldn't have to.

    I think I'm done with the 6" line. The Sandtrooper is my only 6" figure and that probably won't change for a long, long time… at least not until Hasbro fixes these quality control issues.

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    I'm seeing Leia everywhere, with Greedo almost as common and Han a bit rarer than Greedo (but still in most stores). Still have never seen Fett.

    Good thing they're carrying over Han!
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    I am also seeing Leia everywhere. They should have put more detail into her. Looks like they just blew up the regular 3 3/4" Slave Leia and the same with bucktooth Luke X-Wing. I am definitely only buying items that actually look good such as the Sandtrooper and Boba Fett.

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    I've convinced myself that if I actually see a Fett in stores, I'll buy him. I had a coupon at B&N (which carries the 6" line, but at $24.95 ), but I couldn't bring myself to pick up Han (no desire for Leia, Luke, or Greedo; the other ones there).
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