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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    I had a coupon at B&N (which carries the 6" line, but at $24.95 ), but I couldn't bring myself to pick up Han (no desire for Leia, Luke, or Greedo; the other ones there).
    Interesting how 4 days can change things. With a different coupon, Han Solo ended up under $18 before tax. I'll open him up later, and I may keep him with his own holster on, not his stolen stormtrooper one.
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    I saw Han and Greedo at a B&N today while doing some Christmas shopping. I never thought I'd have to add this store to my figure rounds, but such is the horrible distribution these days.

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    Boba Fett?? Boba Fett?? Here!?! That's right, I found Mr. Fett on the shelves at my local Target today. Must've just restocked this morning 'cause the shelf was overloaded with the 6-inch series, but just one Fett. A late Christmas present for me.

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    I finally found Boba Fett at Kmart, and my lord, he is astounding. The paint is evenly and cleanly applied, the sculpt is stunning, and the accessories are great. The only real problem is that the boxes restrict leg movement a bit, but it's not like I'm going to pose him sitting down anyway. I don't mind the immobile viewfinder – I bet it would have screwed with the aesthetics and that's why they didn't include it.

    It sounds like the wave is shipping – the extra Leias everywhere sure support that idea – so he's still out there. If you can find him, GET HIM.
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    Found a Han Solo figure at a comic shop last week and the paint apps on the face were good enough for me to actually buy it. It's the first Star Wars toy I've purchased in the last few months and it's also currently the only Star Wars toy in my collection (I ended up staying in "purge mode" until every last thing was gone). I still have a few books, one model kit, the DVDs, etc.; but, for the first time since 1984, I'm down to just one single Star Wars figure.

    I paid $23 for him, but it was worth it to wait until I found one with a good face. I'll likely get Chewbacca next, although I will do the same and hold out for a good paint job that I can inspect BEFORE I pay for it.

    I already have a plan for how I'm going to display Han and Chewie once I have both of them together:
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    "A lot of people still want Boba Fett. You know what would be a great idea? Release Boba Fett in an exclusive set with the three worst pegwarmers in the 6-inch line, and three of the worst Star Wars pegwarmers of all time from any line! Two of them are currently also pegwarming in a different exclusive set? That just makes this one more awesome!!"

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    You gave me a great sales idea, Chux... mail-away pegwarmers! It's a "special" box that holds 4 (or more?) figures, and you can "customize" with any of the following 3 3/4" figs:
    - POTF2 Malakili
    - Saga Jerrjerod
    - POTF2 Lando
    - E3 Neimoidian Guard
    - Vintage Jedi Obi-Wan
    - CW Animated Anakin
    - E1 Tatooine Anakin
    - Vintage Echo Base Han
    - more great toys!
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    That's likely a foreign-market exclusive, I can't believe they'd be stupid enough to release it in the US. Also, it appears that these are original boxes stuffed into a multi-pack box, so they're probably buy-backs that Hasbro did in the US when they pegwarmed pushed back out with Boba Fett to get better chances of selling in markets where the 6-inch line may not exist otherwise.

    The US' trash is the foreign market's treasure, I guess. Truthfully, none of these figures are bad, just that less collectors are willing to drop $20 on them.
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    This is probably the most random aspect to take from it, but I like the 45 degree angle in the corner with the character picture. I kind of feel that little detail should be added to the packaging of the individual figures, it might liven them up a bit.
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