Yoda's News posted photos of two new sets - the first (carded, loose) includes Sephjet Josall, Sarrissa Jeng, Roan Shryne, and Clone Commander Ponds; the second (carded, loose) includes Que-Mars Redath, Khaat Qiyn, Selig Kenjenn, and Clone Captain Deviss. The Jedi figures look to be reused or retooled bodies with new heads, while the clones are based on the 2003 super-articulated sculpt - it would have been a good place to debut the captain and commander versions of the 2011 sculpt, but these work fine.

Frankly I'm surprised we're getting this many random human Jedi, but these sets are awesome! Their presence in the arena is sorely lacking, and these sets feature most of the more prominent ones. No word yet on where they'll be available, but this looks like something TRU would pick up.

Sephjet Josall is one of the Jedi who throws lightsabers to Obi-Wan and Anakin - the other Jedi, Nicanas Tassu, was released in the Target exclusive Geonosis Arena Showdown sets a few years back.

Sarrissa Jeng is the "HI-YA!!!" female Jedi. Her figure actually looks like it uses mostly new parts.

Roan Shryne was a featured character in Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader.

Commander Ponds is Mace's clone commander. In the film, he's the one who informs Mace of the commando units awaiting his order. Here he comes with binoculars.

Que-Mars Redath (who's missing the "-Gom" from his last name for some reason) is a Weequay Jedi, similar to Sora Bulq.

Khaat Qiyn, another human female, was featured prominently in the AOTC Visual Dictionary. Here she sports much less makeup.

Searches for Selig Kenjenn don't show anything, but he's an Asian-looking male with two lightsabers.

Deviss has been made in his phase two armor (he was created after Bly's colors were changed from red to yellow), but he's just a normal red-striped clone captain. The boxed sample shows a paint error on his chin.