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    Great work as usual JT. Glad to hear they haven't abandoned the large vehicles.

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    It's a very kid-friendly, mom-friendly, dad-friendly price point. Let's kids get into the world of so critically important vehicle play for Star Wars.
    I'd like to throw some mad props to Labovitz for not going the sexist route there and assuming all parents are moms.

    The Mara answer is, well, not to sound too complain-y, but I can't imagine a lot of people getting excited about such polls in the future if it's clear that the results won't necessarily be honored. It's absurd that they recognize the poll clearly indicated a different, never-made version of the character, but they made a supposed "ultimate" version of a previously-made (twice over) costume that didn't get much interest--and they have no plans to make the one that everyone thought they were voting for. It's like Lando Calrissian in Coruscant Guard Disguise (from Shadows of the Empire) swept the poll, but they decided they knew more about what we want that we do, and gave us yet another blue Bespin Lando instead. If people knew that the poll was for a character and not a specific costume, would Mara have even won? I personally have no interest in buying her a third time for double-digit prices, and she's not going to sell to kids who don't know her at all.
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    it will be interesting to see what big vehicles they design and release in the coming years with the advent of new animated TV entertainment as well as live action theatrical releases.

    Depending on what they come up with, I might have a renewed interest in the large vehicle releases.

    In the last few years, I skipped out on the MTT and the Republic Attach Shuttle. I was pretty much done collecting by the time these came out and got pretty burned out on collecting in general since it stopped being fun and became more of an obsession. Getting up early on Saturday morning to watch the walk-running of the nerds at Target and TRU just became... Eh.
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    Jedi News has images of newly announced Black Series figures, both 6" and 3 3/4".

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    Good interview, I'm glad they liked the "Skylanders" question.

    Also, good to know that 6" won't be cannibalizing the 3.75" line. I'm guessing things will run pretty much like they did when Hasbro had the 3.75" line AND the 12" line from 1996-2005.

    I sense another question coming based on their answer to the Mara Jade question. Personally I don't care about Mara Jade, but it seems weird that they would allow their design team to essentially override the fan choice poll. It makes the fan choice polls kind of pointless.

    Interesting that the MTT apparently sold well enough for Hasbro. So I guess the dream isn't dead yet for the Sail Barge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    Interesting that the MTT apparently sold well enough for Hasbro. So I guess the dream isn't dead yet for the Sail Barge.
    i overheard Derryl clearly tell someone that it was not in the cards for any foreseeable future in the line. No barge, no how was the bottom line.
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    Daryl told me no sail barge. He said the same at the Hasbro Star Wars panel. Later I told him that I almost walked out of the panel at that point.

    This really angers me because it is the last large vehicle that makes any sense.

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    I heard him tell someone the same thing on Wednesday night, so the message is out there and is going to get stronger.

    I no logner think the vehicle makes sense as a mass-market toy. Look at the custom I posted months ago, that guy put everything into it and it still wasn't big enough, yet it also didn't DO anything, it was just a playset and playsets don't work in this market. Take the legs off the big AT-AT and stick 2 sails on the top, paint it brown, and you'll see why this thing won't work at market - it's not big enough, it doesn't do anything, there's not much room inside for both Jabba and his minions, not a lot of space on top for battles.

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    In one of the other SDCC interviews, DDP said something about them testing the Sail Barge with kids and it not testing well. So that makes me think they at least put together a basic prototype. I think you might be right that we will probably never see this toy and some of that I blame on the Sail Barge Petition that ran on most of the fan sites. They were hoping to get 10,000 signatures by January 31, 2013 and they couldn't even get 3000 signatures to support the toy. So it's possible that only a few vocal collectors actually want this and there's not enough support from the adult collector market to convince Hasbro to take the risk. Especially with it not testing well with kids.

    I'm pretty sure the guys who conceived of that poll probably expected to get to 10,000 signatures easily, so it's kind of sad that they couldn't even get a third of that.

    I think it's also worth noting that Kenner wouldn't even touch the Sail Barge while ROTJ was at the peak of its popularity.

    Anyways, I think most people want so much out of a Sail Barge toy that, even if Hasbro were to make it, it would be nothing but a disappointment on every level.

    It's okay, if Hasbro just makes a new Skiff toy, then I'll be happy.

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    I dunno if that's fair, even 2000 signatures would be a big deal for something like this, but the reality is that they could get 100,000 signatures and if Hasbro can't find a good likelihood for making a profit on it, they still wouldn't make it. What does the sail barge do as a vehicle? Not much, it basically just blows up after a fight scene on the top. What would a kid do with that, aside from cramming figures into it?

    Here's the post I was talking about with the custom sail barge:
    The post says it all really, but where would Hasbro go to make something not even half that size work at market?


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