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    German fan site StarWars-Figuren posted their Q&A, but, well, it's in German. Jeff Labovitz and Jin Han answered the questions - Derryl did not. Google gives this translation, slightly cleaned up by me:

    The Mission Series Darth Maul shown at SDCC is not to everyone's taste (aesthetics/articulation). Can we hope for a realistic cyborg Maul?

    Hasbro says they have the character well made, it is realistic for them, because the realistic template does not actually exist. Thus, they are very close to the original.

    Is there a chance for a repack of the Imperial Navy Commander (possibly TVC 2 Pack)?

    Not at this time, but he will come back.

    The Black Series 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper seems to be a wrong "color scheme". Has Hasbro used another, largely unknown, source or simply made a mistake?

    They will correct this error before the figure appears officially. The variant shown so far is thus not to be available commercially.

    The Imperial officer from the scanning crew pack has what it looks like the legs (or at least the lower leg) of the last Death Star Troopers. It is thus bigger than most Imperials. Why were these legs chosen? Was that intentional?

    They had no answer to this question. But it looks like it at this time.

    No chance for more The Old Republic characters?
    The TOR characters from the TVC are among the most wanted by collectors. In addition, the fans would like to complete their collections with characters such as TOR Sith Trooper, Eleena Daru, Satele Shan etc..
    Does Hasbro see the great fan demand?

    There are none planned.

    Madalorians are very popular among collectors. Will we see Madalorians from Clone Wars in realistic style in the Black Series?

    Not in 2014.

    Are a more planned Clone Wars Characters in TBS?

    Only very few.

    Will Germans get the chance to get a Falcon released in Germany? (Vintage)

    In coming years, perhaps, but not in a vintage box.

    Does Hasbro plan that the 6" series to bring in the collectors and produce 3 3/4" figures only for kids?

    Super articulated figures will continue in the 3 3/4 scale.

    With new films coming as of 2015, will we see OT figures (TBS style articulation) in the basic line or does Hasbro want it to be in 2015 Episode VII year?

    This question must be answered early. I received a question in what we think what Hasbro should do. Also OT figures offer a clear reaction from us.

    Have you ever thought of making some "EU" or between the film versions of Luke, Han, and Leia?


    Could you give me some advice? At sometime over the next year, I would like to buy an X-Wing for my children. The current TVC X-Wing is too big for kids. Should I find an old POTF2 X-Wing online or is there The Possibility did Hasbro might bring an X-Wing out in the Class II vehicle line?

    Possible that this could appear again.

    Will we see any OT inspired Class I vehicles?

    No, this series was stopped. No more Class I. At least not until the movie years.

    It's too bad did the 3D versions of the OT were canceled, but I'm sure you had a lot of great items lined up for the 3D releases. As we've seen at recent shows, you have a number of packs that were made for AOTC and ROTS. Seems that 2013 is a big year for PT stuff, so can we expect to still see the products you had originally planned for the OT 3D films? With the sequel on the horizon, it seems did in 2014 is our only hope for a year full of OT greatness.

    Most will come out on the way.

    Is it possible that in the future (all) TRU exclusives are also released here in Germany? I'm thinking specifically of the speeder bike in the new Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper set.

    Hasbro has no influence on it. This is due to the dealers.

    What is the future of big vehicles?

    The future is "bright," as Jeff said.

    The Amazon exclusive "canceled look" figures are sold as a set. I think it's a good concept. But it also contains a previously unreleased 212th Clone Tooper. Will this appear again on a regular card as part of the Black Series? I, as a member of Troopbuilder Group, would have like more than one.

    It's not planned.

    And here is probably a little annoying question: would it be possible that some characters (especially troopers) be released in a "solid case" to be released and distributed over a selected dealer? Many collectors would search a little easier. And the Troopbuilder would cheer.

    Answer was a maybe, after I made it clear again that the dealer would sell 12 Trooper has orders 12 cases, and depending also gets 12 Vader, thus the prices of Trooper be upgraded to make more profit, so the loss balance of slow-selling figures. Ideal would be dependent Solid cases and continue the normal sorting. So that the dealer just has more game. They understood it to no win / win situation.
    (Not completely sure how to edit that one . . .)

    Furthermore, we asked the question why one should collect further if the availability is poor and the collectors here have big holes in their collections. To build here on the collaboration with Disney and promised himself that things will change. We will be surprised with what is planned and how this is implemented. Focus are the new movies.

    We thank Jeff and Jin that they have taken the time for us.

    Update 30.07.13 We're getting another email from D. DePriest as to the Rise of Darth Vader sets. The reason why it will not come to us is because that the regulations for the Europe. Market has changed, so it is no longer possible to bring characters with non-replaceable batteries to the market. Thank you M.. T EU.

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    I don't understand Hasbro, Mandolorians are popular right now thanks to The Clone Wars and Sideshow is going to exploit that, so why not the 3.75" figures too? It's like they hate money.

    Bet we don't get a corrected 41st Elite clone.

    I think maybe the solid case of troopers answer got muddled, and it's really a 'no', I wouldn't fight to edit it at this point.

    We knew that about the electronic figures thing, wonder why they only now got the word.

    Good work!
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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