I have been keeping an eye on this brilliant idea from boutique urban vinyl pop culture company Super7 since I heard about it last year, and the production pieces were shown off at SDCC this year, which I got the honor to photograph:

The idea comes from the canceled 3.75" Alien movie line, whose prototypes were shown at Toy Fair in 1979 and then lost to time, but through brilliant detective work and dedication to creating new product that was true to the 1970s Star Wars and Alien action figure styling, Super7 has brought 5 figures inspired by that line out as a new line that goes beautifully with classic Kenner Star Wars figures, right down to the size of the foot-pegholes and stands.

Super7 isn't one of the big boys, yet their SDCC-exclusive "discovered salesman sample" unpainted Alien and Kane 2-pack had so much demand that the fire marshal shut down their line on PREVIEW NIGHT twice, and they ran out of the exclusive before the first true day of the con. So Super7 has really made a splash with this series, and it looks like they'll be doing Aliens figures as well. Check it out, I think there's some SW crossover appeal.