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    3 3/4" Black Series wave 3

    JediNews has early photos from Celebration Europe II that show four new, awesome-looking figures - Vizam, Darth Plagueis, Commander Neyo, and the long-promised Mace Windu from The Clone Wars.

    Vizam looks incredible and includes the Sail Barge cannon that was previously included with Nysad in 2009.

    Plagueis includes his breath mask from the novel (!) and some kind of beatin' stick or something. I'm SO glad they didn't stick a nose on him. He looks adequately terrifying.

    Neyo is based on the new sculpt, so he has a removable helmet, with slicked-back hair. The new helmet looks great.

    Mace, we've known about him since last year, but I'm glad he's coming.

    I'm sure they'll show more throughout the weekend, but this is a great start! It also backs up the rumor list, so hopefully this means Toryn Farr and Merumeru will be close behind.
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    This wave holds more interest for me than the 1st. Wave 2 has couple, too.
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    Plagueis looks good.

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    Vizam looks pretty amazing. But that's all I'm really looking forward to from the figures shown. Well, I guess I also want to see how Merumeru turned out.
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    I'm not completely sure, but it looks like Neyo's headsculpt is actually based on concept art for The Clone Wars that didn't quite make it into the series - Neyo only appeared with his helmet on. In addition to his hair, he has his clone number tattooed down the left side of his face. If the figure is released this way, it'll be at least some kind of nod to the series, which is much appreciated.

    Though I'm a little bummed he doesn't come with WAC-47.
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    This wave is the best that Hasbro has shown thus far. Vizam is the most interesting of the wave. I like Plageus really well too. I wasn't very interested in Neyo, but its starting to build. I might preorder this wave when it shows.


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