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    Lightbulb Star Wars - The Black Series: 6" Wave 3 Discussion Thread!

    Well... I guess Wave 3 isn't a rumor any longer thanks to the Star Wars Celebration reveals.

    So may as well start a dedicated discussion thread for that wave as well.

    The wave consists of Luke: Bespin, Stormtrooper, and Obi-Wan: RotS.

    You can find some pretty good Hi-Res pics here:

    The 4th figure in the wave is supposed to be Anakin: RotS to pair with the Obi-Wan: RotS.

    Luke's face looks a bit wonky in the badly posed Hi-Res pic. But pretty darn good on display at Celebration.

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    I've seen some shots from CE2 where Luke Bespin looks good, but close-up ishots from the event t's really bad. I think it's the same exact piece as shown in the pics, just different angles and lighting.

    I'm not loving the over-extended trigger finger on that Luke body since most of the time he's shown holding a lightsaber. Overall, aside from the likeness it looks good, but that likeness will probably torpedo it for me.

    Stormtrooper needs to go back to the drawing board, that helmet is a mess at the "mouth", the rest looks good but that bulbous "mouth" kills it outright and if Disney-Lucasfilm approved it, then they're fools.

    Obi-Wan's head looks really small and his upper body looks smaller in proportion to his lower body, it's like the figure is a pyramid, or a Gundam mobile suit with the really high waist. Sculpt looks inoffensive but hardly mindblowing.
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    Yoda's News has new boxed and loose pics of 3 of the 4 figures from Wave 3.

    Luke: Bespin looks like he has a new head... which is much better than the one we've seen at Cons.

    The Stormtrooper seems to have a much improved headsculpt as well. Should make people happier.

    Obi-Wan: RotS looks better as well. Though the paint is a little sloppy on the press images. No cloak though.

    Luke: Bespin - Boxed:

    Luke: Bespin - Loose:

    Stormtrooper - Boxed:

    Stormtrooper - Loose:

    Obi-Wan: RotS - Boxed:

    Obi-Wan: RotS - Loose:

    The figures that Hasbro has used in past press pics for the last two series looked really rough as well. And they turned out much much better painted and looking in person. I still can't believe after all these years that Hasbro can't seem to get good looking press figures or take decent press pics of their toys.

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    If that Luke head is an improvement, what did they show before?

    Not trying to sound snarky (these look good otherwise, though Obi-Wan looks a tad too much like a blown-up 3.75" figure), but, if they're capable of doing so, I'd love them to shrink that Luke head down and use it for a Cross Country figure for the G.I. Joe line.
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    The stormtrooper definitely looks better, but did they just end up reusing the sandtrooper's helmet? I've never been good at telling the differences on the storm/sandtrooper costumes.

    The human eyes aren't looking very good on any of the images I've seen of figures past wave 1, and it's not like the factory has been perfect with paint so far anyway. Hopefully I'll like them more in person.

    The lack of accessories is also frustrating. With wave 1, they weren't overloaded with accessories but there was a fair amount overall (at least for the sandtrooper and Maul), and Han and Leia bring up wave 2's average, but only getting one or two per figure makes it feel like a ripoff.

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    Hasbro is horrible with the figures they use for their press photos. That's been true for years now.

    Wave 1 and 2 both turned out way better than the pics that Hasbro marketing sent out.

    As for accessories... I agree that Wave 3 is sorta lacking. But there's not a lot they could add.

    With Wave 2 only Greedo doesn't come with much. And also doesn't lend himself to much.

    As for Wave 3... they could have given Luke: Bespin a removable hand and auto-tourniquet.

    But to be movie accurate a battle damaged version with those things would make more sense.

    That's why the Hot Toys version they did included two figures to really be movie accurate.

    Obi-Wan and Anakin really should have included cloth robes though. Still hoping that Anakin will at least come with a interchangable forearm with his mechanical forearm. Even if we only see the arm when he's not in his Jedi Uniform.

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    I picked up Obi-Wan and Bespin Luke at a record store yesterday and will be adding them to the Database this week. They're both very cool – Luke is going to look fantastic with Vader and, whenever they get around to him, Yoda.
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    Glad to hear it, but I haven't seen an image yet that convinced me that Obi-Wan's not a disaster of bad paint and that Luke's not suffering a wonky likeness, so you'll be the make-or-break on them.
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2014-03-19_02-26-38_484.jpg 
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ID:	28228Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2014-03-18_13-40-08_156.jpg 
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ID:	28229I got this wave (not the stormtrooper) and took pictures of them and uploaded them to the LA Just Found forum.

    I think I can put them here. It's a feature of the site now - where you can share images and not upload them (or be prevented from) two-fold.

    Anyway, I really hope:

    Boba Fett is re-released like they said. I mean to get one for BobaFrett and also I think I'll get one for myself.

    I was right there at Comic Con but didn't want to wait in line for him. Waiting in lines is not how I enjoy myself. But now that I'm thinking about what I would do with him, (put my own Fett with Lando Bespin - and hope they make Lando Bespin) - having Lando leaning down to make sure Han survived freezing with Fett standing over him sounds like a pretty cool display.

    Maybe adding Vader, stormtroopers to Lando, Frozen Han, and Fett would look great?
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