Please don't start it in this thread. I would start it but I can't administer it. I'm really busy with my work now (but really glad to be so!).

However, the idea used to drive a lot of forum traffic though. Got us all together talking at least.

It will be up to the person who administers the poll but I'd like to see figures from each separate movie polled for, separately. Most wanted from ROTJ and most wanted from AOTC independently, for example.

We know Hasbro will make figures from all 6 current movies, so we might as well vote for things that won't congest the pegs.

Also just for kicks, let's vote for clone wars animated figures even if Hasbro's not making them. Maybe we could figure out what we want the most and use that for a Fans' Choice Exclusive Vote, such as specify "animated style." They've done animated style exclusives and I think "Rebels" is going to spawn a whole 'nother assortment like that.

And definitely Expanded Universe figures selections from comics books and video games. We had Comic 2-packs, the Solo twins, and The Force Unleashed plus KOTOR amongst others. Many of us liked those.

I must apologize. I just don't have time to tally and analyze the polls the way MadSlantedPowers did before, and I have done in years previously. But I'd totally vote!

An early thanks to any who step up!