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    Quote Originally Posted by JimJamBonds View Post
    No more Clone War stuff please, its been done more then enough imho.
    Yeah, I think it's best to give the entire Prequel timeline a rest for at least a few years.
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    I would sort of like the PT timeline given a rest, but some actors could not reprise their roles later:

    Ewan (as CW or Dark Times Obi-Wan)
    Hayden (with the helmet off for CW)
    Ashley (she might play a Dark Times Ahsoka in live action)
    Temura (he can play anyone from a CW Clone to Dark Times Boba)
    Ray Park (can be the half-Maul)
    Ahmed (yes, JarJar could come back)
    Natalie Portman (CW or Dark Times Padme - assuming her death was faked in ROTS as it should have been)
    Ian McDiarmid (CW or Dark Times Emperor - this is already rumored - Palpatine better stay dead for E7-9)
    Christopher Lee (CW Dooku)
    Jimmy Smits (CW or Dark Times Bail Organa)
    Joel Edgerton / Bonnie Piecies (Dark Times Owen / Beru)

    A lot of talent from the SW cast could return.

    If they did it now.

    But YES, I agree and think SW got totally skewed to the PT / CW and that era has so much more material than the OT. But with "Rebels" I think the OT is coming back.

    It makes sense they did it this way. The PT does not relate to much of anything they are doing now. Jaina Solo-Fel, Ben Skywalker, Allanah Solo have no relation to the PT in any direct fashion. Even if they don't go with these characters, while I hope to see EU continuity myself, Han and Leia's children (and Luke and Mara's) would have had no contact with most PT characters.
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