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    Is it possible that episode VII is really.........

    Is it possible that episode VII is really going to be the first in a series of remakes of the prequel trilogy? Is that at all possible? I may be way off base here, but 2015 is the 10th anniversary of revenge of the sith. And I didn't like hayden as vader/anakin and I never will like him.
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    No, it is not possible! Not in any way, shape, or form.

    But you are welcome to ignore the PT if you like.
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    If they're going to remake Episode I, they're not going to call it Episode VII.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL View Post
    If they're going to remake Episode I, they're not going to call it Episode VII.
    Unless the story involves Luke traveling into the past along with the new bad guy resulting in a new alternate timeline of Episode I. But thats crazy talk. What are the chances of that happening with J.J. Abrams behind the helm?
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    My theory is that Disney will work hard to sideline the Prequels as the years go on. Not that they are going to directly try to rewrite them, but I believe they will be writing the Sequel Trilogy as if the Prequels had never happened. In other words, we will see little to no reference at all to the events in the Prequels and I'm totally fine with that. I think the people working on the film right now know that the Original Trilogy is the fundamental core of Star Wars and those three movies are the reason that Star Wars is still popular today. The Prequels have only remained popular by feeding off of the OT's popularity.

    The nice thing about George Lucas being out of the picture is that we're not going to have a stubborn filmmaker trying to cram the PT down people's throats in some vain attempt to force fans to accept them as equal to the OT (something that will NEVER happen).
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    I heard a terrible rumor about E 7, involving Charlotte showing up. Don't know who Charlotte is? Well then dig up some PT threads and figure it out.

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