Is anyone else collecting these?

I ordered the ESB Vader and Fett last week.

They are really nice, I like the fact that they added multiple arms for different poses. I do have to admit these are a bit smaller than I expected, having bought so many of the 1/6th scale figures these are MUCH smaller. Quality and detail has never disappointed me and these are no exception.

In fact, I rather prefer some of the newer features Kotobukiya has integrated into the new line. Things like magnetic bases and feet, pegs and peg holes, multiple arms for different poses, articulated Boba Fett head, etc. The base for Vader easily fits Boba Fett as well so I have both figures on the Vader base.

So, now my 1/10 scale collection has begun, which means I have several more to buy:

Darth Vader ROTJ
Boba Fett ROTJ
Stormtrooper 2 pack
Royal Guard 2 pack
Sandtrooper (Orange Pauldron) 2 pack
Sandtrooper (White Pauldron)
C-3PO and R2-D2

I will keep my eyes open for more of these but I hope to see:

Sandtrooper (Black Pauldron)
Scout Trooper
TIE Pilot
AT-AT Driver
Bounty Hunters
Death Star Gunner
Death Star Trooper
Stormtrooper 2 pack additional poses

I'd also like to see them make a few environment bases!