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    Batman was always two individuals to me: the Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne. Some actors can pull off the super hero. Some can pull off the billionaire. Not too many could handle both. Michael Keaton: Bruce was better. Val Kilmer: better Batman. George Clooney: Bruce. Christian Bale: both, IMHO. Adam West: gets a pass, stamped "campy" all over it. I think Afleck would be a decent Bruce Wayne only, but his portrayal of the Penguin, Howard the Duck, or Darkwing Duck would've been a stronger casting (at least with G. Godfried as voice-over talent).
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Reading the latest news from DC, this is all clearly a smoke screen. They threw this out to distract all the nerds so that they wouldn't be lynched when the news about the new effeminate Lobo hit. I've never wished death upon someone in the entertainment industry, but, hey, I guess there are enough deranged Lobo fans who are really ****ed off to wish death upon the DC editorial staff themselves so I don't have to worry about it.
    Tommy, close your eyes.


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